7 ft. Olympic Weight Bar | Marcy TRB-70

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7 ft. Olympic Weight Bar by Marcy will complete your home gym

Bulk up your entire body with the Marcy TRB-70 7 ft. Olympic Weight Bar. Designed with durable deep threads, this 15 lb. bar can hold up to 600 lbs. making it an ideal home gym equipment accessory for weight trainers of all experience levels.

The Marcy 7 ft. Olympic Weight Bar can hold any 2-inch Olympic weight plates, which can be easily secured onto the bar with the included safety spin locks. Made of sturdy chrome-plated steel, this weight bar is built to last and with a handy 3-piece design it can be quickly assembled and conveniently stored with your Olympic weights between workouts.

This bar is compatible with Olympic weight benches and makes a great addition to any Olympic weight set, free weight set or collection of workout equipment for home gyms.

  • 7-foot wide weight bar
  • Holds all standard 2-inch plates
  • Chrome plated finish, durable construction
  • 15 lbs. with a 300 lb. weight capacity
  • 2-year limited warranty