Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle

Compact Doesn’t Mean Compromise

These machines may be compact but they still deliver the fitness goods.

Mini Pedal Exercise Cycle

Let’s face it, not everyone is into the whole commercial gym thing. Some people are shy, or simply just don’t like going through the entire process of figuring out which weights and machines to use. And finding a personal trainer can not only be a difficult process, but also a little on the stressful side too.

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Maintenance tips for your Marcy Home Gym Equipment

Keep your Marcy Pro exercise machines as good as new for longer.

There is nothing better than exercise using your own home gym. You don’t have to wait in line for the next workout machine or share a bunch of public locker rooms and showers. Thanks to Marcy Pro, fitness enthusiasts can train in the comfort of their own homes with gym-quality equipment.

If you are one of the lucky owners of any of our home gym equipment, you should know that proper maintenance of Marcy Pro Home Gym Equipment is a must to ensure the longevity and the proper working order of all of your machines and weights.

Marcy Pro exercise machines are built to last a long time, but even so, regular maintenance will allow them to function at their highest capacity even longer. Regularly scheduled maintenance will greatly alleviate the need to spend a single cent on repairs. Here are some essential tips for maintaining your Marcy Pro machines for years and years to come.

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Home Gym Options for the Holidays

adjustable weight bench

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to get serious and recommit yourself to the health and fitness lifestyle. The holiday season is upon us as well, and marks a period of rejoicing and celebrations—sometimes a little too much so. In this regard, the holidays usually causes people to pack on some extra pounds. Even folks who are in relatively good shape are susceptible to a couple of inches being added to their waistlines during the holidays.

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Eat healthy green salad to get ready for your Smith Cage Machine workout

Great Food Options for Before and After Your Workouts

All the good stuff that can help you achieve your fitness goal.

Oat meal with strawberry, blackberry, mint, white wood background

The great fitness debate—to eat or not to eat? Research has shown that the amount of fat that people can burn during workouts largely depends on whether they’ve fueled-up properly or not. What is known is that working out on an empty stomach can result in having less energy during a workout, although some people still prefer doing just that. Whether you prefer a little pre-workout snack or not, eating smart and healthy in general, always outweighs these more nuanced considerations. Continue reading

Fit girl doing lunges with the smith machine.

Your Complete Five Minute Circuit Training Workout Session

Fit woman doing shoulder press exercise with a weight bar Smith machine at gym

When it comes to building a solid workout session, please note that you don’t necessity need to spend hours and hours trudging away in the gym. In fact, with just one piece of fitness equipment – the Smith Cage Machine – you can easily work out your entire body, all in one go. What’s more, you can do it in fewer than five minutes.

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Unlock Your Fitness Potential with the Marcy Power Tower

The Marcy Power Tower is your all-in-one, lean, mean, strength and conditioning machine!

Marcy Power Tower and Smith Cage Machine for a complete workout

Experts within the health and fitness field widely cite how necessary power towers are, specifically in terms of reaching your optimal fitness levels, as well as achieving that ideal body composition that you always dreamed of.

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Workout Tips for Busy People

Couple Jogging to a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a health and fitness lifestyle should always be a top priority in one’s life. To achieve the results that you want, however, requires self-discipline, motivation, time, and energy. Out of all of these factors, time is something that we as a society covet the most. For instance, how often do you hear people exclaiming that the “ran out of time,” or that they were just “too busy” to attend an event or meeting? Quite often.

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Top 3 Misconceptions in Workouts and Diets

Exercise Weight Woman Sport

Losing weight is attainable but not an easy feat, especially if you believe in such myths.

Trying to lose those extra pounds can be difficult due to workout and diet misconceptions. Articles about these beliefs go viral on social media sites and people tend to fall for them. Believable as they seem to be, these misconceptions work against you. With that said, this week, we will discuss three of the most common workout and diet myths and find out which ones are healthy or not. Let Marcy help you determine the facts on proper workouts and weight loss.

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Group of cyclist women in fitness center

Discover the right fitness bike for your needs

Choose from the recumbent, upright, and club revolution cycles.

Revolution Cycle Exercise Bike from

Cycling is a powerfully dynamic exercise that can take a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast to the next respective level. It effectively burns calories and enhances your cardiovascular system at the same time. Strength building with the Smith Cage Machine will burn calories, however, not at the rate in which cycling will offer. Cardiovascular health will give you the energy you need to begin to tackle those next fitness goals; all achieved from the comfort of your own home.

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The 3 Gym Essentials for your home gym

Marcy believes in the Power of Three.

Girl Working Out

A home gym filled with every fitness equipment is something you can be proud of, but it is definitely too much. You will not get to use all items, and you will outgrow them inevitably. There’s also the problem with space, budget, and time. The solution, get only three essential home gym items.

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