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Get the perfect toned and sculpted body in the comfort of your home with the SteelBody Power Tower. Boasting of heavy-duty steel construction, this exercise equipment allows for various body strengthening and toning workouts. Work your upper body with the dip station and define your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Sculpt your abs as you challenge your core with the vertical knee station. The SteelBody Power Tower also features multi-grip handles and sit-up assist foam rollers to ensure comfort and safety.

  • Heavy duty steel construction

  • 2-inch thick padding with a durable faux canvas vinyl covering

  • Multi-grip pull up handles

  • Vertical knee raise (VKR) station to work out core and abs

  • Dips station

  • Sit up assist foam rollers

  • Elbow padding for VKR station

  • Dip handles can be inserted to lower positions for push ups

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 300lbs
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    Transform your body in the comfort of your own home gym with the SteelBody STB-98501 Power Tower. Constructed from high-quality steel and thick padding the SteelBody Power Tower allows for a wide variety of exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body. Use the vertical knee raise station to sculpt your abs or target your upper body with the dip station to define your triceps, chest and shoulders. Multi-grip pull-up handles and sit-up assist foam rollers ensure maximum safety and comfort. The SteelBody STB-98501 Power Tower is an ideal piece of home gym equipment for users of all experience levels and the compact, versatile design leaves plenty of extra space in your home workout area.

    Multi-grip pull-up bar

    Multi-grip pull-up handles allow for overall back and core development; strengthen and tone your lats, shoulders, and arms.

    Push up bars

    The dip handles are adjustable; place them in lower positions for push-ups.

    Leg hold down foam roller

    Sit-up assist foam rollers allow you to do the basic fundamental exercise for overall core development.

    VKR arm pad

    Target and define your abs and core with the Vertical Knee Raise station.

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