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  • Model using the Mini Stepper with Bands Marcy MS-69 The Mini Stepper with Bands Marcy MS-69 delivers a high intensity workout anywhere

    Mini Stepper with Bands | Marcy MS-69


    Tone your upper and lower body with the compact Marcy Pro MS-69 Mini Stepper with Bands. With an easy to assemble design, the Marcy Mini Stepper with Bands allows for an efficient home gym leg work out while the included easy-grip adjustable resistance...

  • The Marcy Motorized Treadmill With Auto Incline JX-663SW is a convenient machine  for getting an intense cardio workout The Marcy Motorized Treadmill With Auto Incline JX-663SW folds for easy storage

    Marcy Motorized Treadmill With Auto Incline | JX-663SW


    The Marcy Motorized Treadmill with Auto Incline is a durable piece of fitness equipment that can take your cardio to the next level, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. The comfortable rubber tread provides plenty of traction while you...

  • marcy magnetic upright bike ME-1016U Front of Bike marcy magnetic upright bike ME-1016U back of Bike

    Marcy Magnetic Upright Bike | ME-1016U


    Compact Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike by Marcy A bike that offers a complete cardio workout while taking up limited space. The Marcy Magnetic Upright Bike is the perfect cardio addition to your home gym. Simple yet efficient, use the Marcy Magnetic...

  • Recumbent Exercise Bike | Marcy NS-1003R - Retired


    When it comes to at-home cardio cycling, nothing beats the Marcy NS-1003 Recumbent Exercise Bike. This Marcy exercise bike boasts a step through frame allowing for a safe entrance and exit, a height-adjustable bucket seat for backs support and maximum...

  • Model riding The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike NS-908U The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike NS-908U is an efficient stationary bicycle for high intensity cardio conditioning

    Marcy Upright Exercise Bike | NS-908U


    The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike uses magnetic resistance which offers smooth pedaling similar to an outdoor bike. You will ease the stress on the ankles, knees, back, and hips while getting comparable results from walking or running. Improve overall...

line-divider-graphic.jpgCardio Machines

All home gyms should have at least one option for getting a good cardio workout. In addition to weight or strength training, cardiovascular exercise is an essential part of all workout regimens.

While some people prefer to run or walk outdoors, there are many reasons why people need or prefer to move their workout inside. From inclement weather to time constraints to inconvenient work schedules, having at-home cardio machines available can make it significantly easier to stick to your workout routine.

Cardio machines are used to raise the heart rate. Over time, this strengthens the heart muscle and improves your cardiovascular health, with benefits like decreased blood pressure. Marcy is proud to offer many different options for you to get in a good cardio workout, including:

- Exercise bikes
- Ellipticals
- Pedal exercise cycles
- Mini trampolines
- Mini steppers
- Rowing machines

Best Cardio Machines for a Home Gym

Which type of cardio machine should you get? If you have a good deal of space in your home gym, consider purchasing two or three different types of machines so that you can alternate your workout. Here’s what to think about as you decide:

  • Your preferences: The first thing you should consider is the type of activity; since the best home cardio equipment depends on what you enjoy doing. Do you hate walking on a treadmill? A top of the line treadmill is useless if you never walk on it or use it. Enjoy riding a bike? Look for a bike that will suit your exercise needs and space. 
  • Your space: Think about your home gym and how much space you have for cardio equipment. Do you have the space for a full elliptical or treadmill? Or do you need a foldable bike that can be put away when not in use? Don’t forget to include extra space around the equipment to be sure that there is enough room to get on and off of it. This includes your ceiling height, too; many treadmills and ellipticals raise you off the floor. While this may not be an issue in a typical room, it may be problematic in a basement gym.
  • Your health: It’s also important to think about your health and ability. Are you recovering from a leg injury and would do better with sitting on a recumbent bike? Do you have knee issues and prefer the low impact of an elliptical trainer? If you are concerned about what exercises would serve your health best, consult your physician before committing to buying any equipment so you know what type of machines to look for.
  • Your goals: Why are you purchasing this equipment? Are you training for a long cycling race? Wanting to lose weight? Just trying to be more active in the day? Think about which equipment will best address and help you reach your goals.
  • Your fitness level: When it comes to cardio equipment, your fitness level and needs will change over time. Try to select something with varying resistances so you can mix up your workout routine.

Contact us to learn more about Marcy’s variety of home cardio equipment and get started today!