Exercise Bar | Bionic Body BBEB-20

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  • 36" high quality steel bar can be disassembled for portability without requiring any additional tools

  • Padded grip handle bars prevent slipping and calloused hands

  • Wide handle bar

  • Solid construction
  • SKU: BBEB-020
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    Turn virtually any room into a home gym with the Bionic Body BBEB-20 Exercise Bar by Kim Lyons. Perform upper body workouts like chest and shoulder presses, arm lifts/raises and more or perform front and back squats to tone and strengthen your legs. This sturdy 2-piece bar is compatible with all bands but is recommended to be used with the Bionic Body Resistance Bands for maximum effectiveness. Simply attach your Bionic Body Resistance Bands to both ends of the Bionic Body Exercise Bar and begin building leaner, more defined muscles.
    UPC 96362993296
    • Box Dimensions:  20.75" x 3" x 1.75"
    • Weight: 3.5 LBS. 
    Manual No
    Guides No

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