Marcy Standard Bench w/ 80 lb. Weight Set | MWB-36780B

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The Marcy Standard Bench w/ 80 lb. Weight Set MWB-36780B is a complete home gym in a single purchase

This Standard Size Weight Bench by Impex Fitness offers unparalleled performance and durability.

With a multitude of exercises and positions, this bench is perfect for total body strength exercises that target every major muscle. It has a versatile and adjustable 3-position bench that allows for incline, decline, and flat bench press positions. The MWB 36780B also features a total leg developer for leg extension and leg curl exercises as well as an arm curl pad to work the bicep muscles.

Its pec-fly chest developer is made for overall chest development. Easy to assemble and with its compact design that supports up to 300lbs, the MWB 36780B is a bench that can fit into any home with ease.


Lower Body Workout

Dual action leg developer for hamstrings and quadriceps with foam roller pads to assist proper leg workouts.



Flat, incline and decline bench pad positions


Isolated Arm-Curls

Includes arm curl pad needed to build or tone biceps. 


Adjustable Removable Arm Pad

Adjust the curl pad with ease to do proper and comfortable arm workouts. 


Full Range Butterfly

Load up weights and with ease start doing Incline, flat, and decline flies to build a stronger chest


Sturdy Construction

Sturdy frame construction with front and rear stabilizing flanges built to last