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  • Bionic Body 35 lb. Soft Kettlebell Bionic Body 35 lb. Soft Kettlebell held by Kim Lyons

    Bionic Body 35lb Soft Kettlebell | BBKB-35


    Burn fat and tone your muscles like never before with the 35 lb Soft Kettlebell by Bionic Body. Constructed of soft material to prevent damages and injuries caused by dropping, this kettlebell offers a safe yet effective home gym strength training...

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

Kettlebells are an incredibly versatile exercise equipment that promotes strength training, cardio endurance, and functional fitness. Some exercisers may feel nervous about handling traditional steel kettlebells, which is why Kim Lyon’s Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell can make for a safer and more comfortable alternative!

Features of the Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

The Bionic Body soft kettlebell offers you all the challenge and variety of a traditional set of kettlebells. What sets this equipment apart is its soft material to prevent damage. The soft material will help protect your floor and yourself if you accidentally drop it! 

The Bionic Body soft kettlebell also comes with a large durable handle designed to have good grip during all your exercises. The large comfortable handles can be used as a single grip handle or double grip handle as needed.

Benefits of Using a Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell

Kettlebells are so versatile and useful that they can enhance your home gym and serve as a full-body piece of equipment all on its own. The offset center of gravity forces you to utilize multiple muscles throughout your body, including those hard-to-train stabilizer muscles, as you perform movements. By using multiple muscles at once, you will burn fat and tone your muscles efficiently during each movement.

Which movements? You can do so many! Most of us know what a traditional kettlebell swing looks like. You can also enhance a wide variety of body exercises by adding weight.

Add a kettlebell to lunges, squats, arm presses, and more to improve strength and stamina. Just carrying a kettlebell in each hand and taking a stroll around the block will work your grip strength, shoulders, and allows you to activate your core!

Kettlebell workouts also strengthen your tendons and ligaments. Meaning, you’ll enjoy defined muscles and noticeably improved strength without getting too bulky. Kettlebell training is essential for effective home gym strength training. Make your exercise routine more efficient by adding a kettlebell today!

Convenient to Use and Store

The small size of kettlebells means you can work out virtually anywhere and then stash them out of the way when you are done. If you don’t have the room for large workout equipment in your home, a few kettlebells can be all you need for endless workout configurations that will keep you motivated! Any room in your home can be a home gym with these kettlebells, and their soft body means you don’t have to worry about damaging your floor if you drop them.

It's Time to Buy Bionic Body Soft Kettlebells

At Marcy, we are your go-to destination, where you can buy Bionic Body soft kettlebells online. They come in weights from 10 pounds to 30 pounds. Consider purchasing differing size weights, so you can effectively work your upper body with lighter kettlebells and your lower body with heavier kettlebells.

Buy your Bionic Body soft kettlebells on Marcy today!