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Medicine Ball

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Bionic Body Medicine Ball

Give your strength and cardio training a boost by adding a medicine ball to your home gym workout. Constructed with a durable, soft exterior and multi-stitched seams, Marcy’s selection of Bionic Body Medicine Balls offer excellent durability.

From throwing to slamming, Bionic Body medicine balls maintain their shape and withstand rigorous daily use with their high impact-absorbent filling. Available in weights from 6, 10, 14, and 20 lbs., these exercise balls are ideal for every fitness level and athletic training program. Since many medicine ball exercises have a low learning curve, soft medicine balls are ideal for beginners. And, they can be used in a wide variety of plyometric and strength training workouts to build core strength and increase explosive power.

Bionic Body Medicine Balls are 13” in diameter and available in a variety of weights, making them ideal for a variety of training programs. Great for cardio, strength and mobility training, training with soft medicine balls can kick fat burning into high gear when incorporated into a HIIT workout.

If you’re new to HIIT workouts and wondering where to start, try medicine ball slams. Ball slams provide a total body medicine ball workout incorporating core, shoulders, triceps, glutes, quads and hamstrings. And thanks to the variation in weights you can start with a lower weight such as a 6lb or 10lb medicine ball and build up to a heavier 20 lb. medicine ball weight.

Are you just starting out with medicine ball training and looking for the perfect starter medicine ball for sale? The Bionic Body 10 lb. Medicine Ball is a perfect weight for beginners. And because you can throw them, bounce them and slam them, they’re a fun way to get excited about your workout!

From warm-ups to stretching, medicine balls are a great piece of equipment that can take your workout from snooze fest to sensational! Let’s take a moment to discuss some medicine ball warm-ups that will simultaneously provide a stretch to your muscles and get your heart pumping while adding some fun to your day.

Chest pass against a wall
To perform the chest pass against a wall, simply stand with one foot in front of the other and throw the med ball against a wall and catch the ball on the return. Switch your legs as you release the ball so that your opposite foot is in front when you catch the ball. This is a great warmup for the pecs, triceps and shoulders. Distance between you and the wall depends on the fitness level.

Overhead throw against a wall
Start with your feet together and raise the medicine ball overhead. As you throw the slam ball against the wall, step forward with one leg. When you release the ball, switch position of the legs so the opposite leg is in front when you catch the ball on its return. Warm up your abdominals, lats and triceps with this exercise.

Side-to-side twists
Stand with your feet hip width apart. Hold the ball with both hands to one side. Using you core, whip the ball forward and to an angle so you can catch it on the other side. Whip the ball side-to-side while keeping your core engaged to protect your lower back to stretch and warm-up your abdominals.

Marcy has a wide selection of medicine balls for sale to help you achieve your fitness goals. Affordably priced and constructed from quality materials, Marcy’s selection of Bionic Body Gear is perfect for your home gym. Learn more about the benefits of weight ball training on our blog.