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Utility Benches & Boards

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  • The Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench can be utilized in home gyms for HIIT conditioning and training The Marcy SB-10510 Flat Bench is perfect for bench presses, one arm rows, and more

    Flat Bench | Marcy SB-10510


    Maximize your home fitness routines with the Marcy Flat Bench SB-10510 by Marcy This bench can be used during strength training exercises as well as with free weights. The low profile bench offers a 2.5 inch high-density foam back-pad with boxed...

  • The Roman Chair Hyper Extension Bench Marcy JD-3.1 is a convenient bench for shredding fat and revealing your abs The Roman Chair Hyper Extension Bench Marcy JD-3.1 in use by model

    Roman Chair, Hyper Extension Bench | Marcy JD-3.1


    Sturdy, convenient and effective, the Marcy JD-3 Roman Chair and Hyper Extension Bench is the epitome of core strengthening home gym equipment. This easy to assemble, compact design provides a safe platform for carving out six-pack abs while also...

  • Best Workout Multi-Utility Weight Bench SB-10115 by Marcy Multi-Utility Weight Bench SB-10115 by Marcy being used for declined sit-ups

    Multi-Utility Weight Bench | Marcy SB-10115


    The multi-purpose design of the Marcy Multi-Utility Weight Bench SB-10115 makes it a smart addition to your home gym. The SB-10115 features an adjustable backrest for a variety of exercises and has a 300-pound weight capacity (including user weight)...

line-divider-graphic.jpgUtility Weight Benches

As you begin to build your home gym, don’t overlook the need for a high-quality utility bench. This versatile piece of equipment can assist you with all kinds of exercises, becoming a reliable workout partner as you tone your body, gain strength, and improve your overall functionality.

At Marcy, we offer a variety of utility weight benches, from flat benches to adjustable options that make them easy to store when your workout is complete. Each Marcy utility bench is built for durability, reliability, and comfort. Take a look at our entire collection!

Why you need a Utility Bench

One of the best ways to stick with your fitness regimen in the long run is to vary your workouts. That doesn’t mean you need a lot of equipment; rather, invest in equipment that can support a wide array of exercises. A Marcy utility bench is exactly this type of fitness tool. Use it to perform chest presses with a dumbbell or bench press with a barbell if you also own a weight rack. Do sets of incline or decline pushups by placing your hands or feet on the bench. A utility bench can also help you perform tricep-sizzling dips or give you a comfortable seat as you get in your sets of bicep curls, shoulder raises, and triceps extensions. You could design dozens of workouts with just a utility bench and a few dumbbells!

Choose the Right Kind of Marcy Utility Bench

As you review the different utility weight benches available at Marcy, you’ll recognize that each bench offers different features for your fitness goals. Here are a few different types of benches to consider:

Flat Utility Bench: Simple and elegant, the flat utility bench is the perfect partner to your weight rack and barbell set, especially if you want to add bench pressing into your workout regimen. Grab some dumbbells and take a seat on a flat utility bench like the Marcy SB-315 to perform lifts that isolate your biceps, shoulders, triceps, and deltoids. You can also use this bench to enhance a variety of bodyweight exercises.

Adjustable Utility Bench: If you want more versatility from your utility bench, then consider investing in an adjustable bench, like the SteelBody STB-10105. Adjustable utility benches allow you to flatten or lift the back support, giving you the ability to perform a new range of incline exercises. Now you can add more exercises to your workouts or make your existing exercises a little easier or more difficult.

Multi-Purpose Utility Bench: For even more fitness capability, look to the multi-purpose utility bench. Multi-purpose benches, like the Marcy Deluxe SB-350, give you all the adjustability you want and typically include additional components, such as a padded bar and weight post. Throw some plates on the weight post, tuck your legs in, and you have your very own leg extension or leg curl machine to strengthen your quads and hamstrings.

Add a Utility Weight Bench to your Home Today!

Your home gym is missing a utility bench! Add this important piece of equipment to your collection and spice up your workouts with more exercise options. Take a look at our well-designed and affordable Marcy utility benches today. Your future buff self will thank you.

Contact us today if you have any questions about Marcy’s incredible line of high-quality yet reasonably priced home gym training equipment!