Triceps Rope | Marcy TCR-24

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  • Durable 24" nylon braided rope

  • Over-sized rubber palm stops prevent hands from slipping during workouts

  • Large nylon braided rope increases grip

  • 1,000lb weight capacity
  • SKU: TCR-24
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    Work your triceps to the max with the Marcy TCR-24 Triceps Rope. With a nearly indestructible 24" nylon braided rope and over-sized rubber palm stops to prevent your hands from slipping, this must-have home gym equipment accessory will make your triceps pop in no time. The Marcy Triceps Rope can handle up to 1,000lbs in weight and its" nylon braided rope allows for maximum gripping ability, making it a great piece of exercise equipment for home gyms and a fantastic addition to any weight lifting equipment collection.



    Thick 24" nylon braided rope built to last. 


    Rubber Grip

    An oversized rubber palm stop prevents hands from slipping off the rope during workouts and also isolates triceps.


    Widely Compatible

    Fits on any safety clip hooks.


    UPC 96362990943
    • Assembled Dimensions: 28"x2.5"x2.5"
    • Weight: 1.5 LBS. 
    Manual No
    Guides No

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