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Marcy Smith Machine / Cage System | MD-9010G

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Best Home Gym by Marcy - MD-9010G - Fully Set Up


MD-9010G All-in-One Smith Cage Workout Gym Station System by Marcy

Are you looking for the absolute best home gym equipment?

The Marcy Diamond Smith Machine / Cage System MD-9010G offers an all-in-one workout station for serious home gym strength training. Get a total gym out of one efficient piece of exercise equipment that includes:

  • Olympic Smith Bar with sealed linear bearings
  • Free weight squat rack (to complete smith machine squats - safe squats without a spotter)
  • Low pulley with a foot rest
  • Pec deck station
  • High cable crossovers
  • A Marcy Olympic weight bench with Dual Function Leg developer and Preacher Curl Pad

Get a full range home workout no matter your fitness level. Get a full body workout safely and effectively with the included adjustable bar catches, safety stoppers, and “Ultra-Glide” linear bearings. You'll be building muscle in no time. The MD-9010G targets several muscle groups including your shoulder muscles, back muscles, leg muscles, and more.

This single piece of equipment brings the best parts of commercial gyms to your home gym. Specifically, the cable crossovers allow you to complete exercises routines that previously required a gym membership. And, no need to depend on weight stacks; the MD-9010G uses standard or Olympic weight plates depending on your preference.

Six Olympic weight plate storage pegs allow you to organize your strength training equipment and avoid clutter. The compact and heavy-duty tubular steel design ensure years of use in your home own gym. Built with efficiency, convenience, and longevity in mind, this Smith Machine is truly an All-in-One Home Gym.


Cage assembled dimensions: 70” L  x 83” W x 86” H

Bench assembled dimensions: 75” L x 28.5” W x 47” H

***Note: Weight plates not included***


MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym - Dual Upper Pulley Cables and Lower Cable

Dual Upper Pulley Cables and Lower Cable

The MD-9010G has a pulley system that works with a lower pulley and dual upper pulleys. Simply load weight plates (sold separately) on the pulley trolley to complete cable crossovers, kneeling lat pulldowns, and more.


Marcy MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym - Adjustable Bench Back and Seat Pad

Adjustable Bench Back and Seat Pad

The Marcy Smith Machine Home Gym MD-9010G has an adjustable back pad and seat pad for your comfort. The back pad adjustment angle ranges from -13 degrees to 81 Degrees.


Accessories Included with the MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym

Included Accessories

The Marcy Smith Machine Home Gym MD-9010G includes several accessories: lat bar, shiver bar, ankle strap, v-bar, triceps rope, and pulley cable handles.


MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym includes a Foot Plate for Lower Pulley Seated Rows

Foot Plate

The Marcy MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym includes a foot plate at the bottom of the unit. Use the foot plate along with the lower pulley for seated rows.


The Marcy MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym includes Olympic Weight Plate Storage Pegs

Weight Plate Storage

Keep your weight plates organized by utilizing the 6 storage pegs on the MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym.


Utilize the Marcy MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym for Smith Machine Squats or Free Squats with an Olympic Bar (sold separately.)

Use the MD-9010G as a Rack - Squats

The MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym can be used as a rack by placing the included bar catches and safety catches at the front of the unit and using an Olympic bar (sold separately.) Squats are great for targeting your quadriceps and glutes.


The MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym includes a preacher curl pad and a leg developer

Preacher Curl Pad / Curl Handle and Leg Developer

The MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym includes a preacher curl pad and a curl handle. Add plates to the developer and use the curl pad and curl handle for preacher curls, which target your biceps. Load the leg developer with weight plates to perform leg curls and leg extensions. Leg extensions target your leg muscles, and mostly target your quadriceps.


The Adjustable Weight Bench on the MD-9010G Smith Machine Home Gym Goes from decline, to flat, to incline

Incline Bench Press with Smith Bar

The smith machine portion of the MD-9010G can be used for squats or can be used with the bench for presses. The smith bar allows you to safely lift without a spotter. Use the bench at an incline with the smith bar for incline bench presses


*Please Note: currently ships only within the contiguous United States (we do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, military bases, or U.S. Territories / Possessions.) 


- Only items returned within 30 days of delivery are eligible for a refund or exchange.

- Before shipping your return, please contact MarcyPro by clicking the support link above to receive detailed return instructions from a customer rep

- The returned product must have been purchased directly from

- The returned product must be in original condition and all accessories must be included and placed in the original packaging.

- Items that are delivered to the customer in damaged condition may be returned immediately. All you need to do is open a ticket using the support link above and one of our reps would be more than happy to help you attain a return call tag

- If you find that a part is defective, instead of initiating a return, we highly recommend contacting us and we would be more than happy to help you attain a functioning part as soon as possible.

- Marcy Pro does not accept unauthorized returns. This includes any items returned without first speaking to a customer rep

- Any returns returns that fall under buyer's remorse will have a 15% restocking fee associated with them and the customer will be responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Orders that ship via freight / trucking can take over 14 business days to deliver. As we approach the delivery date, the trucking company will contact you at the phone number used to place this order to schedule a drop off date. The trucking company can only drop the order off curbside. (Does not apply to UPS / FedEx / USPS.)

Freight orders take 2 - 4 business days to be picked up, as a result, you will not receive the tracking number for about 3 days

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have - M - F 9:00AM - 5:00PM at 1-800-999-8899

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  • 5
    110% Love It!!! The closest thing to a full gym at home.

    Posted by Neal D on Jun 15th 2020

    This is my second Marcy Smith machine and absolutely happy with it. For the price you can't go wrong, the quality it something you would expect to pay at least double. It is a little bit of a challenge to put together and expect a few nights to assemble, but the end result is totally worth it. It's sold, sturdy, and as close to gym quality as you can get in a home smith machine setup. The bench is also very sturdy. The only one little thing is the leg extension seems to be set for someone with very long legs, it works, but would be nice if it were either adjustable height or just a little bit higher. Other than that, no complaints and super excited to be able to continue working out in the uncertainty of the gyms these days. I would reccomend this 110%!!!

  • 5
    9010G smith machine

    Posted by Donnie Potter on Jun 13th 2020

    Purchased when arrived came in 3 separate boxes. At over 400 lbs shipping weight made moving in easier. Took 15 hours for me to assemble due to being only me. Directions were pretty straight forward. The unit is extremely sturdy and holds enough weight for a seasoned gym rat to get a good burn out of your workout. This and some Dumbells is all anyone needs for a at home unit. One side bar is make sure you pay attention to the size dimensions and spacing recommended from the circumference. Power on! Love this unit!!!!!

  • 5
    one more comment I forgot in my review

    Posted by MBD on Feb 4th 2020

    I forgot to include this in my earlier review, but it's so helpful and I wanted to share. I have my gym in my garage, and because the bench is heavy and will be moved around a lot, I bought four felt pads/furniture gliders and put them under each leg of the bench. Now I can just push the bench around without damaging the feet or my garage floors.

  • 5
    assembly was NOT that difficult...great machine!

    Posted by MBD on Feb 4th 2020

    Hi, I purchased this after reviewing many other home gyms and was excited to get it but was so intimidated by the other reviews of how hard it was to put together. It's not difficult. I'm 5'3" female on the petite side and put this together 98% by myself. Here are some tips...1) Buy a socket wrench!! My boyfriend bought me a set and it speeds up the tightening so much. 2) The boxes came on a pallet with the bench in the top box, then box 2, then box 1 on the bottom. Assemble the bench first, then open the other 2 boxes. 3) DO NOT TAKE ALL THE PARTS OUT OF BOXES 2 and 3. The manual will tell you which box the parts are in for each step, so you will do more harm than good if you take the parts out first. 4) The manual assumes you know that if you use certain parts on one side, you must use the same parts on the opposite side. It doesn't always specify to do the same thing on the opposite side. 5) Only do what the pictures show you to do. Take your time, don't rush, and pay attention to where the dotted lines go, as this tells you where each piece goes. Also, don't tighten anything unless the picture tells you to. When you start putting the large pieces together, you'll need the wiggle room to move everything in place. If things are tightened too soon, you'll find yourself un-tightening me. 6) When putting cable #41 the manual that has the spelled-out/verbiage instructions...that one will tell you to pull it under the pulley closest to the butterfly first. The other manual made it look like it goes under the other pulley (on the double pulley piece), which causes it to twist. I had to re-do all the cables because of this, then realized the one manual tells you exactly which pulley the cable goes under. All in all, I spent 2-3 hours a night for about 5 nights putting it together. It's really not that's actually somewhat fun when you realize you can do it all by yourself! :)