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Weighted Vest

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line-divider-graphic.jpgWeighted Vests for Running and Exercise

What if putting on weight meant losing fat, increasing muscle, and getting a stronger and leaner physique? Men and women can include a Bionic Body 10lb weighted vest BBWV-9510 in their workouts to do just that. Studies show weighted vest training can increase aerobic endurance and help improve speed and stamina during heavy workouts and cardio exercises. 

Turn Up the Cardio

Adding a weighted exercise vest increases your heart rate faster and helps improve overall conditioning and physical performance. Why do weighted vests make such a big difference? The added resistance increases the metabolic rate which torches fat, while strengthening the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system, and improving core strength.

Bionic Body weighted vests are a great choice for novice and experienced users alike. The versatile Bionic Body 10lb weighted exercise vest fits securely with fully adjustable nylon fasteners. It includes removable, soft weights made of a malleable metal rubber composite to easily add weight relative to your fitness level. With the form fitted vest, you can add explosive power to squats, box jumps, and sprints to your daily routine. You get all these benefits with a comfortable fit, ideal weight distribution, and your range of motion is not sacrificed.

Adding weight is ideal for strength training and cardiovascular workouts. Weighted vests add a new level of resistance to pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, running and burpees. However, training with a vest takes special consideration. Start with a lighter weight, even adding 5lbs to your workout will make a big difference.

Running with a Weighted Vest

Running with a weighted vest forces you to exert more energy and increases your cardiovascular endurance. It’s recommended to start with a lower weight as most will compress your chest slightly while running. As you train more frequently with your gear, you can slowly increase the weight to 10% of your body weight. Pay attention to your joints; the demands on your body will increase while building stronger muscles and increasing bone density.

Weight Training with a Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are ideal for body weight resistance workouts. You can see massive benefits from adding it to push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, jump squats and pull-ups. Since you need to increase weight load to build muscles, these vests are ideal for pushing you into overdrive.

Bionic Body 10lb weighted vest (BBWV-9510)

The Bionic Body 15lb weighted vest (BBWV-9515) delivers a huge dose of intensity to your workouts. It fits comfortably with a shorter length for increased mobility. And, it stays securely in place thanks to the wide and sturdy straps and hook-and-loop fastener. The no-slip, contour fitted design makes it great for running, endurance training, and building stamina.

Another similar item to add weight to your running or loaded carry would be the Bionic Body Shoulder Bag. The shoulder bag is a sand bag you can wear comfortably over your shoulders while you workout. The shoulder bag comes equipped with handles at each end so you can hang on to the bag during intense exercises.

In addition to weighted accessories, Marcy offers a selection of weight bench sets, cardio equipment and weightlifting accessories. We have all the fitness equipment you need for your home gym.