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  • The Marcy Revolution Cycle XJ-3220 is a convenient low-impact method of getting an intense cardio workout marcy revolution cycle xj 3220 model getting intense workout on bike

    Marcy Revolution Cycle | XJ-3220


    The Marcy Club Revolution Cycle Trainer is a piece of indoor equipment that allows you to experience an intense cardio workout even in a stationary position. Durable Steel Construction – The frame of this stationary bike is made of durable steel...

  • Model using the Marcy Revolution Cycle JX-7038 The Marcy Revolution Cycle JX-7038 is a convenient low-impact method of getting an intense cardio workout

    Marcy Revolution Cycle | JX-7038


    Marcy Club Exercise Training Bike / Revolution Cycle by Marcy Shape up and push yourself even harder with the Marcy Club Revolution Cycle. This stationary cycle delivers a smooth operation with its belt-driven tension and 40-pound flywheel. It boasts...

  • marcy club trainer exercise bike NSP-490 at an angle marcy club trainer exercise bike NSP-490

    Marcy Club Trainer Exercise Bike | NSP-490


    Club Trainer Exercise Bike | NSP-490 by Marcy  The Marcy Club Trainer Exercise Bike NSP-490 takes the intensity and fun of a group cycling class and brings it to the comfort of your home.  This sleek and compact exercise bike would be...


Marcypro Training Bikes

Whether you’re looking for a primary workout option, or want to begin cross-training, biking is a great means of exercise. You can bike almost anywhere, and if you learned how to ride a bike as a kid, you never forget that skill.

Although biking outdoors on trails is great, giving you a chance to return to nature, most locations don’t have the kind of weather that allow you to be outdoors all year around, which makes indoor training bikes a smart exercise choice.

Making use of a training bike at home can save you time over visiting a gym for a bike workout or finding a place to ride outdoors, and it has a host of benefits to your health as well. Consider these advantages to a stationary bike at home:

  • Cardio benefitsYou’ll notice an increased endurance over time as you use your training bike on a regular basis. You’ll strengthen your heart and improve your lung capacity with this style of workout.
  • Fat burningWith regular cycling workouts, you will burn fat and lose weight throughout your entire body, not just in your legs. And as you become more proficient with stationary cycling and improve your cardiovascular health, you’ll burn fat more efficiently.
  • Improved muscle toningYou’ll tone your leg muscles through cycling. Over time, you’ll notice an improved strength in your leg muscles with cycling as well.
  • Joint healthUnlike some forms of exercise that can be hard on your joints, cycling doesn’t place a lot of stress and shock on your knees and ankles. The motion of cycling actually makes your knees, ankles, and hips more flexible over time.
  • Safe areaWhen you’re cycling outdoors, you subject yourself to dangers like collisions with motor vehicles, extreme weather, falls, and crashes. An indoor stationary bike removes all of those worries, ensuring you have a safe environment in which to exercise. 

Convenient Features of Stationary Training Bikes

You’ll have an easier time completing your training bike workouts when your bike contains a few key features.

  • Handlebar and seat adjustmentYour training bike will be more comfortable to use when you have an adjustable seat and handlebar available. If multiple people in your family will use the equipment, you’ll want to be able to adjust the size to match people of different heights.
  • Resistance knobHaving the ability to adjust the resistance on the training bike ensures you’ll be able to maximize your workout time, and it’ll allow people of different experience levels to use the equipment successfully. Additionally, having a easy-to-use resistance knob allows you to change resistance on the fly in the middle of a workout, adjusting the equipment for how you’re feeling on a particular day.
  • Transport wheelsWhen using this exercise bike at home, you may want to be able to move it to a storage location when it’s not in use. Transport wheels on the frame of the bike will make this process easier.

MarcyPro offers many training bike options that will give you an amazing workout, all without leaving your home. These fun and convenient pieces of exercise equipment will pay for themselves in no time through improved health. Contact us today to learn more about Marcypro's incredible line of feature rich and affordable training bikes!