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Get the Best Gym Mats for Home Use
Marcy Gym Mats

When planning your garage gym, you probably listed your favorite exercise equipment you want to purchase. Don’t forget to add gym mats to that list!

The best gym mats for home use give you cushioning to make workouts more comfortable and much more. We’ve compiled some of the key benefits available in home gym floor mats.

  • ComfortWhether sitting or lying on the floor, high-density non-slip gym mats will make workouts more enjoyable. The cushioned surface makes it easier on the joints while working out.

  • Durability: The best mats for home gym workouts should yield a long lifespan. A high-density foam composition in a mat will allow the mat to retain its shape while absorbing impact.

  • Support: Equipment mats provide plenty of support for heavy equipment and free weights over time. High-density foam mats retain their shape, even with heavy equipment on it, ensuring the equipment remains level and in place.

  • Easy to MoveWhen working out with mats at home, small sizes are ideal, for easy storage. This frees up the space for other purposes after the workout is completed. Some mats fold up or roll up for storage, while others consist of interlocking pieces that can be stacked.

Best Features of Marcy Home Gym Mats for Home Use

The gym mats at Marcy have numerous desirable characteristics, allowing you to find the best match to meet your individual needs.

  • High Impact Foam ConstructionDurable foam construction provides an excellent level of protection for your floor.  The MAT-366 is constructed from premium EVA foam. The foam protects your floor against damaging impact caused by dropping barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls during training.

  • Easy InstallationThe MAT-20 is a puzzle-style assembly workout mat. It consists of six 2-by-2 ft. interlocking pieces, yielding 24 square feet of coverage.

    The pieces go together quickly to prepare the area for a workout session. And, disassembly goes just as fast because of the interlocking puzzle design. For more coverage area, purchase more pieces, as all kits will fit together to make a very large fitness mat.

  • Noise Reduction: For a home setting, noisy machines don’t work well and can disturb the entire household. The impact absorbing foam in our heavy duty rubber matting limits noise and vibration.

  • ConvenientThe MAT-39 is made up of interlocking tiles of high-density foam. The size can be changed as needed and can even be used for workshops, mudrooms, renovations, garages, and playrooms.

  • Easy to CleanOur water resistant extra-thick protective floor tiles for exercise equipment are easy to clean. The foam tiles will not absorb spills. Additionally, they have a non-skid surface to prevent slipping.

Working out at home requires the right equipment and the right support materials, including high quality gym Marcy mats. Marcy’s cost effective and durable line of comfortable floor exercise mats include free shipping.