Marcy Standard Weight Bench with 80-lb. Weight Set | MWB-20101

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  • All-in-one strength training station.

  • High-density seat adjusts to 4 separate positions.

  • Included chest press station.

  • Interchangeable preacher curl pad.

  • Dual-action leg developer witixed 4-roller pad.

  • Powder-coated finish resists scratches and chips.

  • Includes an 80 lb barbell weight set.

SKU: MWB-20101
Categories: Strength, Weight Benches, Weight Sets
If it's burnin' then you're earnin', and the Marcy Standard Weight Bench with 80-lb. Weight Set is the setup that will help you earn that burn. This complete set lets you hit your upper, lower, and mid-chest with the 3-position bench, and then you can go right into some preacher curls followed by a full leg workout. This versatile station features an adjustable design that accommodates lifters of all sizes and helps you target some of the major groups. Additional Features: Flat, incline, and decline positions for chest press 4 roller pads on dual-action leg developers to work quads and hamstrings Preacher pad with height adjustment for arm-curl exercises Includes: (2) 25-lb. vinyl-covered weights (2) 15-lb. vinyl-covered weights Fixed uprights with bar-catch for 5-ft. bar only Heavy-duty rounded and square tubing 3 spring clips for greater control and added safety

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