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Red and Black 45lb Olympic Barbell | SteelBody STB-1500RB

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Bulk up with the 45lb Olympic Weight Barbell in Red and Black by SteelBody | STB-1500RB

With a weight of 45 lbs, the 7.2' Steelbody Olympic barbell is a great tool and essential equipment to add to your everyday fitness and gym routine.

This bar can accommodate significantly more weight than a standard bar, holding up to 1,500 lbs. It also features rotating sleeves to eliminate strain on the wrists, helping you stay steady and balanced during heavy lifts.

You can get a full body workout using the Steelbody Olympic barbell, one that is good for both beginners and experts.


1500 lbs Maximum Weight and 190,000 PSI on the STB-1500RB Red and Black Olympic Weight Barbell.

1,500 lbs Maximum Load Capacity

The Olympic bar has a maximum load capability of 1,500 lbs, a bar tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, also meets all International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) standards for weightlifting competitions


The STB-1500RB Red and Black Olympic Weight Barbell is heavy duty and built with textured sleeves for better grip.

Heavy Duty and Flexible

Heavier than regular bars, the Olympic bar offers more flexibility and elasticity, which prevents it from bending to handle much greater loads while you are doing exercises like squats, presses, rows, curls, deadlifts, snatches, cleans and jerks


The STB-1500RB Red and Black Olympic Weight Barbell has knurling to ensure a strong grip during workouts

Knurling for Better Grip

Lighter knurling marks on the shaft of the Olympic bar are coated with ceramic, which increases friction between your hands and the bar, therefore improving overall grip


The STB-1500RB Black And Red Olympic Weight Barbell weighs 45lbs and is compatible with 2

Built for Olympic Sized Equipment

The Olympic bar is designed for long-term use, quality and function, built to be used with other Olympic type equipment


The STB-1500RB Black and Red Olympic Weight Barbell has four needle bearings to create a smoother spin for lifts

Chrome to prevent rust and bearings for a smoother spin

Hardened chrome finish on the sleeves for corrosion and rust resistance, while four needle bearings allow the Olympic bar to spin smoother, faster and longer, provide for more durability and tolerance, thus making it the optimum performing bar


The STB-1500RB Black and Red Olympic Weight Barbell is a bit smaller with a 79

86.6" Length and 28mm Grip Diameter

Total bar length is 86.6 inches with a 28mm grip diameter


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