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Come rain or shine, your upright exercise bike will be ready and willing to give you a great cardio workout. These affordable and versatile bikes help you maintain a comfortable and safe posture throughout your workout. Each one of our Marcy upright exercise bikes uses the power of magnetic resistance to allow you to increase or decrease the challenge of your ride, giving you absolute control over every workout.

Benefits of an Upright Bike

If you can’t make it to the gym, or if Mother Nature isn’t playing nice, your upright bike will always be ready and willing to help you improve your fitness. With an upright bike in your home, you’ll have access to all these great benefits:

  • A Cardio Workout for any Level of Exerciser - Whether you are training for an Ironman or simply want to shed a few pounds, an upright exercise bike is your ticket to an excellent cardio workout. Over time, consistent training on an upright bike will make your heart and lungs stronger and improve your stamina.

  • Sculpt Your Legs, Glutes, and Core - Every one of our Marcy upright bikes lets you control your workout by increasing or decreasing the bike’s resistance. By making your workout harder, you’ll sizzle the flab from your quads, burn your glutes, and even activate your abs, helping to shrink and sculpt your core and lower body.

  • Protect Your Joints and Back - One of the primary benefits of an upright bike is that it helps you maintain a strong and supportive posture while you work out. If you’ve found your shoulders and low back aching after a bike ride or cycling class, then an upright bike is a great investment. Cycling is also an excellent cardio alternative to running if you want to protect your hips, knees, and ankles in the long term!

  • Great Design and Convenient Transportation - Every one of our Marcy upright exercise bikes meets our rigorous quality requirements. If you decide to invest in one of these bikes, you’ll get:

    • Premium construction
    • An easy-to-read console that tracks your workout data
    • An adjustable seat and pedals to ensure optimal comfort
    • A sleek look

Additionally, every model comes with transport wheels, allowing you to easily move the bike from room to room in your home until you find the perfect spot for it.

What is the Best Upright Bike for your Home?

When it comes time to choose the best upright exercise bike, you’ll find that we have a variety of great options. Some of our most popular models include:

Marcy ME-708: This affordable and highly durable model includes eight preset manual resistance levels and a monitor that displays your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. The adjustable seat and pedals will ensure that you have a great ride every time.

Marcy NS-1201U: Enjoy eight preset resistance levels on the Marcy NS-1201U and a smooth ride powered by magnetic resistance. The easy-to-read monitor tracks your workout and includes an odometer, so you can monitor your pace and better manage your workouts. The adjustable seat and pedals keep you comfortable during your bike ride… at least until you crank up the resistance and put yourself to the test!

Marcy ME-702: our top-of-the-line upright bike model. The ME-702’s regenerative energy system means that it creates its own energy. No need to awkwardly position the bike near an outlet, lay extension cords across your home gym, or stock up on batteries. The ME-702’s state-of-the-art computer display also monitors time, distance, RPM, speed, calories, watts, and pulse. It can even determine your body fat and show your pulse recovery to help you better document your progress.

Finally, this model includes adjustable levelers and a seat that adjusts forward, backward, up, and down, so you can personalize the setup just for your body!

No matter which Marcy upright bike you choose, you’ll be getting an excellent piece of equipment that will help you crush your fitness goals! Take a look at all our upright exercise bikes and other cardio equipment for your home gym and invest in your health today.