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Vinyl Weight Set

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  • 100 Pound Vinyl Weight Set by Marcy will complete your home gym 100 Pound Vinyl Weight Set by Marcy will complete your home gym with Model

    100lb Vinyl Weight Set | Marcy VB-100


    Get your pump on with the Marcy 100-Pound Vinyl Weight Set This barbell set is a great addition to any weight lifting equipment collection. Paired with any standard utility weight bench set, the Marcy 100-Pound Vinyl Standard Weight Set allows you to...

  • 40 lbs. Vinyl Dumbbell Weight Set by Marcy will complete your home gym Varied size plates for the 40 lbs. Vinyl Dumbbell Weight Set by Marcy will complete your home gym

    40lb Vinyl Dumbbell Set | Marcy VB-40


    Shape your upper body with this 40 pound, vinyl coated dumbbell set from Marcy. The set includes: 4 - 7.5lb plates, 4 - 2.5lb plates, 4-spring clips and has 2-14" dumbbell handles.Spring clip collars make it easy to adjust the weights. Compact design...

line-divider-graphic.jpgVinyl Weights

Are you looking to build muscle and tone your body by adding strength training to your fitness routine? You’ll need weights in order to do that. If you want to start with a budget-friendly option, consider investing in a vinyl weight set from Marcy. Vinyl weights are durable and compact and can make the perfect addition to your home gym!

Why Add Strength Training to your Fitness Routine?

Cardiovascular exercises like running, biking, and swimming can improve your heart health and burn off excess calories, but only strength training will let you build muscle and sculpt your body. Strength training can give you the look you want while also making you stronger, so you can lift heavy grocery bags or tussle with the kids when they want to play.

Weight training also keeps your bones strong. This can help you live a better life and avoid injury, especially as you age. Finally, muscle burns more calories than fat. The more muscles you have on your body, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day!

There are many options to add strength training to your fitness routine and one of the best ways is to use free weights, like our vinyl weight sets. Using free weights, instead of a resistance machine that isolates a specific muscle, forces your stabilizer muscles to activate with each rep. In other words, your body will get more bang for its buck, when you use free weights.

About Marcy Vinyl Weights

At Marcy, we offer two unique vinyl weight sets. You’ll notice that vinyl weight plates aren’t made of steel or hardened rubber like other weight plates you might have seen. Vinyl weight plates are ideal for a beginner home gym or the exerciser on a budget. Our vinyl coated plates are durable and won’t rust. That makes them a great option if you keep your home gym in the garage or want to work out in your back yard or other outdoor area. Each weight plate is filled with cement and designed for a standard sized bar.

How to use Vinyl Weights

Our Marcy vinyl weight sets come as a barbell set and as a dumbbell set. The weight plates are cement filled weights covered with a vinyl coating. You can use this equipment just like you would with any other type of barbell or dumbbell set. For example, you can use the barbell to perform:

  • Deadlifts
  • Back squats
  • Front squats
  • Lunges
  • Overhead squats
  • Bench press
  • Bent over row
  • Shoulder press
  • And more

The dumbbell set allows you to perform:

  • Bicep curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Chest press
  • Back flies
  • Shoulder press
  • Bent over rows
  • And more

Marcy Vinyl Weight Sets

We currently offer two unique and excellent vinyl weight sets for your consideration.

  • Marcy 100lb Vinyl Weight Set | VB-100

    If you want to add a barbell set to your home gym, the Marcy 100lb Vinyl Weight Set is the ideal starter option. This Vinyl weight set comes with 100 lb of plates; It is a standard weight set, so any standard vinyl weight plates will fit on the bar. You’ll get a five-foot standard-sized tubular steel bar and 100 lb of weight plates broken down to:

    • Two 25lb plates
    • Two 15lb plates
    • Two 10lb plates
    • Two spring collars

    Adding on or taking off different weights is the ideal solution for varying your full body workout. You can do a wide variety of movements and increase the weight over time as you get stronger. To add even more capabilities to your home gym, consider investing in a weight bench and weight rack as well!

  • Marcy 40lb Vinyl Dumbbell Set | VB-40

    Rather than pay for an entire set of multiple dumbbells at different weights, try our vinyl dumbbell set that allows you to change the weight on the dumbbell. This allows you to customize the weight for the exercise you want to complete and the amount of challenge you’re up for. Each of our dumbbell sets comes with:

    • Two handles
    • Four 7.5lb weights
    • Four 2.5lb weights
    • Four spring clips

    These weights are ideal for all your dumbbell exercises, and their compact sizes makes them a great fit for smaller home gyms and even for fitness on the road! The Marcy 40lb Vinyl Dumbbell Set is a great portable solution for a beginner or an advanced lifter.

    At Marcy, we can help you build muscle and create the body you deserve! Marcy has supplied the lifting community for years - we're a brand you can trust. Take a look at our entire collection of barbells, dumbbells, and weights