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Weightlifting Accessories

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  • The Threaded Dumbbell Handles TDH-14.1 by Marcy bring adjustable dumb bells to your home gym The Threaded Dumbbell Handles TDH-14.1 by Marcy has textured handles for added grip

    Threaded Dumbbell Handles | Marcy TDH-14.1


    The Marcy TDH-14.1 Threaded Dumbbell Handles are a perfect addition to any free weight set and home gym weight lifting equipment collection. Each handle is 14 inches long and made of durable chrome-plated solid steel material that is sure to last. The...

  • The Tricep-Bicep Solid Combo Bar TBC-51 by Marcy is a curved bar ideal for extending and optimizing your biceps and triceps workout The Tricep-Bicep Solid Combo Bar TBC-51 by Marcy is 47 inches long.

    Tricep-Bicep Solid Combo Bar | TBC-51


    Tone your arms with a little help from the Marcy Solid Combo triceps/biceps curl bar. This bar isolates and intensifies development of the biceps, triceps and forearm muscles. Compatible with standard weight plates (1" diameter hole plates...

  • The Triceps Rope TCR-24 by Marcy adds a varied grip to your cable tension workout machines The Triceps Rope TCR-24 by Marcy has a large knob at each end for added grip and safety

    Triceps Rope Attachment | Marcy TCR-24


    Work your triceps to the max with the Marcy TCR-24 Triceps Rope Attachment. With a nearly indestructible 24" nylon braided rope and over-sized rubber palm stops to prevent your hands from slipping, this must-have home gym equipment accessory will make...

  • 45 lb. olympic barbell by SteelBody will complete your home gym 45 lb. olympic barbell by SteelBody is built for heavy duty workouts

    45lb Olympic Barbell | SteelBody STB-75


    Flex your way to bigger, stronger, and tougher arms with the Steelbody 45lb Olympic Weight Barbell! Made from heavy-duty commercial-grade solid steel, this exercise bar is highly durable and can withstand everyday use. It is built to be extremely tough...

  • The Marcy Standard Weight Bar TRB-72.2 is the best standard bar for your home gym The Marcy Standard Weight Bar TRB-72.2 is the ideal portable standard bar for any home gym

    Marcy Standard 6' Weight Bar | TRB-72.2


    Standard 6 Foot Weight Bar by Marcy This is a well constructed Marcy two piece 6 foot weight bar. It holds all standard one inch plates and comes with two safety spin locks for added security. The bar end threads are durable and deep. Six foot...

  • 2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar by Marcy 2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar by Marcy with threaded lock collars for safety

    2-Piece Standard Super Curl Bar | Marcy SCB-248

    Enhance your home gym workouts with the Marcy SCB-248 2-piece Standard Super Curl Bar. This solid steel, chrome plated, threaded bar offers varying padded rubber hand grip positions to ensure comfort and versatility when lifting in a standing position...

  • The Bionic Body BBTG-005 Tri-Grip Handle adds a wide variety of workouts to your resistance band regiment The Bionic Body BBTG-005 Tri-Grip Handle adds a wide variety of workouts to your resistance band regiment

    Tri-Grip Handle | Bionic Body BBTG-005


    Tri-Grip Handle Accessory for Resistance Tubes by Bionic Body - Take your workout wherever you go with the Bionic Body Tri-Grip Handle! The tri-grip and heavy-duty nylon strap are ergonomically designed, keeping you comfortable, no matter the...

  • The Threaded Curl Bar TCB-48R by Marcy is a kinked bar that adds a wide variety of workouts to your regimen

    Threaded Curl Bar | Marcy TCB-48R


    Bulk up your biceps and triceps with the help of the Marcy TCB-48R Threaded Curl Bar. This durable and ergonomically designed home gym equipment accessory ensures a safe lifting experience while making it easy for you to secure barbell plates with an...

  • SteelBody Lock Jaw Collars | OBC-5 The SteelBody OBC-5 Lock Jaw Collars is built to ensure a safe and secure use for high intense workouts

    SteelBody Lock Jaw Collars | OBC-5


    Loved by coaches everywhere, the Steelbody Olympic Lock Jaw Collars are a simple solution to those irritating & fussy spring clamps you see at every gym. Designed to fit on standard, Olympic-sized bars, these simple clamps go on with one hand and...

  • Threaded Tricep Bar - Great Grip for Overhead Tricep Extension Workouts

    1" Threaded Tricep Bar | Marcy IRBB-34T

    Let the Marcy IRBB34T 1" Threaded Tricep Bar bring your home gym strength training routine to a whole new level. Made of solid steel and a durable chrome plated finish, this unique curl bar is ideal for developing triceps, biceps and forearm muscles...

  • The Bionic Body door anchor will help you get your varied body resistance workout anywhere The Bionic Body door anchor that is small and essential

    Door Anchor | Bionic Body BBDA-010


    Customize your home gym strength training and cardio workouts with the Bionic Body BBDA-010 Door Anchor by Kim Lyons. Ideal for any cable-based exercise, the Bionic Body Door Anchor allows you to safely attach bands to the top or hinge side of any...

  • Olympic Hex Trap Bar Marcy HTB-6921 Olympic Hex Trap Bar Marcy HTB-6921 dimensions

    Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar | HTB-6921

    Olympic Hex Trap Bar by Marcy | HTB-6921 The Marcy Olympic Hex Trap Bar - HTB-6921 is perfect for building stronger back, leg, and shoulder muscles by doing deadlifts, shrugging, and pulling. The regular and raised handles provide a variety of grips...

Weight Lifting Accessories

Marcy is home to all the weightlifting accessories you need for your home gym. From weight bars, barbell weights, barbell weight sets, weight collars, dumbbell collars, to lockjaw barbell collars, Marcy’s durable line of weightlifting accessories are made to stand up to daily use.

Durable Enough for Gym Use, Designed for Home Use 

If you’ve ever known the frustration of not finding the right equipment at your public gym, you can appreciate the benefits of having a well-appointed home gym. Marcy understands that. Just because you work out at home doesn’t mean that you should have to sacrifice functionality or features on your home gym equipment.

Marcy's weightlifting accessories are constructed with high-quality materials such as solid steel and rust resistant chrome finishes. With Marcy, you’ll not only find the accessories you need at affordable prices, you’ll get durable, high-quality equipment that will look just as good in your home gym years from now as it does today.   

The Benefits of Weight Training

To many, weightlifting may seem like something only the pros or experienced lifters should attempt. However, studies show us that nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does adding weight resistance training tone and increase muscle mass, weightlifting helps improve bone density and increases your functional strength, making it easier to perform daily activities. Training with a weight bar can kick start fat loss and increase lean body mass as well as improve the condition of the connective tissue, muscles, and tendons.  

Marcy offers a variety of weight bars for the home lifter. Standard 6’ weight bars are a great choice for strengthening your lower body as well as your arms.  Add a weight bar to your lunges, and squats for a lower body workout that also increases stability and improves balance.

Weight Bars

Standard Barbells vs. Curl Bars

Besides the obvious difference in shape, standard barbells and curl bars differ in weight, with curl bars typically being less heavy, as well as hand positioning. While standard barbells allow for over or underhand grips, curl bars allow for a more natural grip where your wrists are angled in either a supine or pronated position. Because of the angle of a curl bar, the curl bar isolates and intensifies your curls. Combine your curl bar with a preacher curl pad for maximum isolation.

If you're still confused about whether you should use a standard barbell or a curl bar, just remember that standard barbells work larger muscle groups such as the legs and chest, while curl bars are better suited for smaller muscle groups such as the biceps and triceps (tricep extensions.) Marcy barbells and weight plates can be purchased separately or as a barbell set. Barbell sets come standard with barbell, or curl bar, weight plates, and spring clip collars.

Olympic Barbells

With a heavier weight capacity and wider length, Olympic barbells are the choice for those wishing to increase their load or lift competitively. The SteelBody Olympic Barbell is 7 ft. In length, weighs 45 lbs., and can hold up to 1650 lbs of Olympic plates (which meets IWF standards.) The knurled hand grips on the bar give lifters a better grip.

This wider, longer barbell accommodate Olympic weight plates, and best suited for power lifters, and those who aspire to compete in weight lifting events. The precision thrust bearings in the bar sleeve reduces torque making completing lifts such as power clean, clean & jerks, and snatches easier to rotate.

Safety Accessories

Marcy offers a complete line of safety accessories including lockjaw collars, spring clip collars, and weight plate collars to complement our standard or Olympic barbells. Made of high-quality steel, Marcy’s clamps and collars will fit tightly without slippage. The Marcy Barbell Pad (bar pad / squat sponge) will protect your neck when squatting with your Olympic Bar.

We feature a wide variety of weight training equipment to meet your exercise goals. Whether you’re looking to add a new component to your strength training, lose weight, or build endurance, Marcy can provide you with the right equipment and accessories for your needs.  

Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality and reasonably priced home gym and strength training equipment!