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Super Bands

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Bionic Body Super Bands

Marcy’s selection of Bionic Body Super Bands is durable and resilient. They are constructed from premium latex materials to stand up to daily use.

Bionic Body’s Super Bands can be used for a variety of weight resistance, yoga, and strength training exercises. They’re portable enough to take with you to the gym or even on flights.

Bionic Body Super Bands are pliable yet heavy duty enough to withstand extreme stress without cracking or breaking. The flexible closed loop construction comfortably fits around your arms and legs for resistance band exercises, lunges and stretches.

Bionic Body Super Bands from Marcy offer customized resistance training for all athletic levels. A cost-effective workout accessory, the Bands come in resistance levels from 20lbs to 150lbs. Purchase weights to create a resistance band set that will deliver a full body workout in lieu of free weights.

The variable resistance, and close-loop design easily allows the user to modify familiar exercises to match their strength level. They make ideal accessories for working out both the upper and lower body.

Add Super Bands to lunges, walks and shuffles or pull-ups assists and chin-ups for all-body workout. Lightweight and compact, they can easily be kept in a drawer when not in use.

Exercising at home? Super Bands easily integrate into your home gym power cage and racks for a variety of resistance workouts. Attach the band to the cage for assisted dips, chin-ups, negative barbell exercises and more. With Bionic Body Super Bands, the variety you can add to your daily workout is virtually limitless.

Which super band is right for you? With budget-friendly pricing you don’t need to pick just one! Buying your next multi-functional workout accessory has never been easier.

The Bionic Body Super Band in 20lb and 35lb resistance are perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced athletes. Useful in warming up and stretching, these versatile bands are thick and extra-durable. The anti-snap material in the band retains shape even after multiple uses.

Marcy has a wide selection of equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. Marcy’s selection of Bionic Body Super Bands are a great addition to your home gym. Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality home gym cardio and strength training equipment!