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When people decide to begin lifting weights at home, they often focus primarily on the weights and the bars. But it’s important to focus on the weight bench, too. Picking the right home weight bench allows you to perform a variety of weightlifting exercises successfully.

Weightlifting while using a bench will yield a variety of benefits to your health and progress as a lifter. Here are some known benefits:

  • Multiple lifts Certain lifts cannot be performed unless you’re using a weight bench. For example, the bench press is almost impossible without a bench, but it’s one of the best weightlifting exercises you can perform, as it develops muscles in the arms and chest at the same time.
  • Improve muscle tone For those who want to lift weights to create a better tone in their muscles, the workout bench is a big help. Using a weight bench to support your body makes it easier to repeat the proper form for lifts like arm curls, which allows you to do more reps without tiring.
  • Support When lifting while using a bench, you can maintain your form, which means you have less risk of injury. You’ll also be able to lift more efficiently when using a bench, because you’ll have the proper balance that allows you to focus on the muscle, rather than on trying to maintain your balance.
  • Target specific muscle groups By adjusting the angle of the weight bench, you’ll be able to perform particular lifts to target different muscle groups. For example, for bench presses you can use a flat bench to target the primary pectoral muscles, an incline bench to target the upper pecs and the deltoids, and a decline bench to target the lower pecs.

Best Features of Home Weight Bench Products

Marcy carries many different models of weight benches, ensuring you can find the perfect unit to meet your needs. Consider the following features that you’ll find with a Marcy workout bench:

  • Sturdy material Our weight bench products consist of premium steel, ensuring that they’ll hold up under stress. You don’t want to lift large amounts of weight while worrying whether your bench frame can stay together underneath you. You’ll never have that worry with a Marcy weight bench. Additionally, you’ll receive comfortable support when using our benches because of the high-density foam material included in the padding reducing muscle fatigue
  • Olympic versus standard barbells An Olympic set of weights has a 2-inch diameter barbell and hole in the weight plates, which can withstand loads up to 300 pounds. A standard set has a 1-inch hole in the plates and in the diameter of the barbell, which can withstand loads between 150lbs and 200lbs. Different weight benches will provide support for either Olympic or standard weight sets, so it’s important to pick the right bench that matches your set of weights and overall fitness goals.
  • Weight storage Some weight benches provide an area to store weight plates when they aren’t in use. The Marcy Olympic Weight Bench MD-857 delivers this handy feature, which is especially great if you need to conserve space in the area where you’re lifting.
  • Leg developer The leg developer on the weight bench is a pivoting attachment where you use your leg muscles to lift it up and down with weights attached. For a full body weightlifting workout, the leg developer is a must-have feature, and is included with the MD-857 and the Marcy Two-Piece Olympic Weight Bench MD-879.
  • Preacher curl pad When performing preacher curls on your weight bench, you’ll want the proper padding to make this type of exercise more comfortable and efficient. The Marcy Diamond Elite Standard Weight Bench MD-389 gives you a preacher curl pad feature, as does the MD-879.

Weight benches offer so many advantages to your weightlifting sessions that you will be missing out on the best aspects of this style of exercise if you aren’t using one. Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of affordable benches for weightlifting to make your workouts as efficient and beneficial as possible!