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Weight Bench Set

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If you’re looking for a versatile piece of home gym equipment that supports full body workouts, weight bench sets are a home gym must have. Perfect for the novice lifter as well as the professional body builder, weight lifting bench sets provide a multitude of weight training options for both the upper and lower body. It’s no wonder they’re a staple in professional gyms and home gyms alike.
With multi-positional back pads and integrated features such as preacher pads and leg developers, training with a weight bench not only helps you isolate muscle groups, it helps you maintain proper posture and form while lifting.

Marcy Weight Bench Unique Features

Constructed from heavy duty steel tube framing with a durable powder coated finish, Marcy weight bench sets are made to handle the demands of daily use. And with just a simple adjustment, the multi-positional bench transforms to an incline, decline or a flat bench. This versatility is perfect for incline bench presses, decline crunches, barbell bench presses and more. Every Marcy weight lifting bench set includes a standard 2-year warranty.

Benefits of Training Using a Weight Bench

Beginning lifters will immediately appreciate the flexibility and full body workouts that can be accomplished by training with a weight lifting bench. The ability to customize your workouts with weight plates that are suitable for your ability so you can safely and slowly build strength in muscle groups from the pectoralis to the glutes.
Marcy weight bench sets with weights adjust from flat, incline, decline positions for chest developing exercises. Strengthen and tone your arms with the integrated preacher pad to help isolate the brachialis muscle and define your lower biceps. Also work the lower body with the multi-functional leg developer which works both the front and rear muscle groups of the legs, including the hamstring and quadricep muscle groups.

Choosing the Best Weight Bench for your Home Gym

Looking for the best weight bench for sale? Consider these three standard weight bench options:

Marcy Standard Bench with 80lb. weight set (MKB-2081) is a compact weight bench set with weights totaling 80lbs. Designed to deliver a full body workout, the Marcy Standard Bench with 80lb weights features a 5-position seat pad, interchangeable preacher curl pad and leg developer all made of high-density foam.

Marcy Standard Bench with 100lb. weight set (MD-2082W) features a 5-positional seat pad and a leg developer from high-density foam for a comfortable weight training session, along with 100lbs of vinyl coated plates consisting of two 25-pound weight plates, two 15-pound weight plates, two 10-pound weight plates, plus two spring retaining clips, and a standard weight bar.

In addition to the Standard Bench with 80lb. weight sets and Standard Bench with 100lb weight sets, Marcy offers a selection of weight bench sets and accessories. From weight training, over cardio, to weightlifting accessories, Marcy has all the fitness equipment you need for your home gym. Marcy Pro is here to help, contact us today to discuss how we can help you turn your fitness goals into reality.