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Smith Machine

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Smith Machine

Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey, or you are a seasoned fitness expert, a Smith Machine is a great piece of equipment for your home gym. This versatile piece of equipment allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, including barbell strength training that can help you build muscle and improve your functional fitness. Our Marcy Home Gym Machines include additional accessories and capabilities to give you even more fitness options.

What is a Smith Machine?

A standard Smith Machine consists of a vertical frame with a barbell attached to it within a steel track. This design allows safe vertical movement along a particular track. Often, weight racks are included to store your weight plates.

A basic Smith Machine contains only the capabilities described above. However, we offer a variety of Marcy combo Smith Machines. Marcy Smith Machine Home Gyms contain a number of other components, such as pulleys, a weight bench, and overhead bar. These models add a lot of variety and versatility in the types of personalized workouts you can do and can serve as a Smith Machine home gym

Benefits of a Smith Machine

The main advantage of a home Smith Machine is its safety. The unique design stabilizes the motion for you, making it safer to use alone (without a spotter). The absence of horizontal movements reduces the need to balance the weight, allowing you to lift heavier without worry. This can be especially useful when you perform movements like the bench press or when you wish to try and hit a new personal record on your back squat or front squat.

Another benefit of a Marcy combo Smith Machine is you can perform a wide variety of exercises and build muscle mass. By investing in a single piece of equipment and a few accessories, you can bring nearly all the capabilities of a full gym to your home workouts

For example, a Smith Machine, along with a barbell, weights, and a bench will allow you to perform a full strength-training workout. These workouts include back squats, front squats, bench press, and shoulder press. Some of our Smith Machines include a pullup bar, allowing you to do pullups and chin-ups. Utilize the pulley to complete lat pulldowns, triceps rows, and bicep curls.

Marcy Smith Machines offer many features that make them the ideal choice for every home gym. There are options for every budget. You can be assured of the quality and attention to detail that went into designing each machine.

Here is a look at our current selection of Smith Machines for sale:

  • The Marcy Smith Cage Home Gym Training System (SM-4903)
    This is a total body training system in a two-piece compact design to deliver full body workouts. It has multiple safety features, including heavy-duty steel construction and durable powder-coated finish, adjustable and Olympic safety stoppers. It combines a Smith Machine, free-weight rack (like a power rack,) and a cable-routed pulley system.
  • The Marcy Smith Cage System (MD-9010G)
    The ultimate in Smith Machine home gym equipment. This system includes a dual function leg developer, press bar with sealed linear bearings, low pulley with a footrest, pec deck station, high cable crossovers, free weight squat rack, and a separate weight bench. The extra features mean you’ll be able to work out all of your major muscles with one piece of equipment.
  • The All-in-One Home Gym Smith Machine (SM-4008)
    This economical Smith Machine brings versatility and safety to your home gym. With multiple extra features such as an upper pulley system, pull-up bar, total leg developer, and multi-position back pad, the SM-4008 contains everything you need to target all of the major muscle groups.

Marcy’s experience in the fitness industry is evident in all the details that make up our Smith Machines - solid construction with 14-gauge square steel tubing, steel aircraft system, and conveniently placed safety catches throughout the system.

Smith Machine Accessories

In order to get the most out of your home Smith Machine, make sure you invest in the right accessories. That means purchasing Olympic weight plates so you can perform all your weight training with your new Smith Machine home gym.

We recommend acquiring a variety of weights that will allow you to perform lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight movements. It’s always a good idea to have an extra pair of ten-pound or five-pound weights to add on when it comes time to try for a new personal record!

Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality and reasonably priced Smith Machines for sale and all of our other home gym products!