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Stack Home Gym

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stack-home-gym-comparison-chart.jpgAll in one Stack Home Gym

Marcy stack home gyms are great for anyone who works out, whether they are a novice or an experienced lifter. Stack machines feature a stack of weight plates and a pin to select the weight you wish to use. There are also pulleys and levers to create the resistance needed to help you build muscle.

Marcy stack home gyms offer many unique features to help you get an efficient strength training workout:

  • Target multiple muscle groups: Many of the Marcy stack home gyms contain all of the accessories needed to get a full body workout. With an overhead pulley system to work your upper body and core; arm press to work the shoulders and chest; and leg developer for lower body workouts, there are endless numbers of exercises that you can do on a stack home gym.
  • Compact design: Compared to a Smith Machine, stack home gyms contain multiple weight plates and the additional equipment you need in a much smaller space.
  • Saves you time: Marcy stack home gyms will save you valuable time because their unique design utilizes pulleys and cables connected to a stack of weights, meaning you never need to waste time loading or unloading weight plates.
  • Increased safety: The design of a weight stack machine allows you to change the weight without assistance from a spotter, by simply moving the pin to the chosen weight. There is no risk of the weights falling on you when working out at home or alone.
  • Reduced injuries: Each exercise has a specific set of instructions that should be followed. Using free weights or barbells depends entirely on the proper form and range of motion. Not doing the exercise correctly can increase the risk for injury. This risk is decreased when using weight stack machines because there is less room for error.

A few quick tips. First, try using an exercise journal to keep track of the weight and adjustments you use for each exercise. Keeping track lets you see your progress as time goes on.

When you first start, be wary of the amount of weight you are using for each station. Begin with a lower weight and build up slowly as you see fit. No matter what your fitness goals are, you don't want to overexert or injure yourself by pushing too hard, especially in the beginning.

Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with each exercise you are about to do. Though many stack machines look similar, they have different features (e.g. some have a leg extension, leg press, chest press, etc. while others do not.)

Understand the proper form and the adjustments needed to be comfortable on the machine. The Marcy 150 lb. Stack Home Gym MWM-990 features a workout chart directly on the machine for easy reference as you get used to your workout routine.

Double check the weight pins to make sure that they are in the correct place, and arrange the seating and other movable parts so they fit your needs. Make sure to read the instructions closely before using your new Marcy stack gym.

Marcy 200 lb. Stack Home Gym

The Marcy 200 lb. Stack Home Gym MKM-81010 provides you with plenty of exercises and weights to work out in a small space. The heavy duty MKM-81010 has a floor pulley, a rowing feature, and a removable preacher curl pad to further increase the exercises you can do. In addition, this is currently the largest stack weight gym in Marcy’s line.

Stack gyms provide a wide variety of exercise options in one single machine in an efficient manner. Stack gyms (aka circuit trainers,) are so efficient even Bruce Lee used a Marcy Circuit Trainer for his workouts.

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