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  • 45 lbs. Hammertone Kettle Bell to optimize your HIIT conditioning workout!

    45lb Hammertone Kettlebell | HKB-045


    45lb Hammertone Kettle Bell by Marcy This Marcy 45lb Kettle Bell has a unique design that is made to last a long time. For added durability it is designed to not rust.   Durable Hammertone finish Non-rust weight plates Available in 10, 15,...

  • Bionic Body 40lb. Soft Kettlebell Bionic Body 40lb. Soft Kettlebell held by Kim Lyons

    Bionic Body 40lb Soft Kettlebell | BBKB-40


    Burn fat and tone your muscles like never before with the 40 lb Soft Kettlebell by Bionic Body. Constructed of soft material to prevent damages and injuries caused by dropping, this kettlebell offers a safe yet effective home gym strength training...

Kettlebell Weights

Do you train with kettlebells? If not, you may want to consider adding these powerful tools to your home workout regimen. From legs, to glutes, to arms, kettlebell sets offer a unique and challenging way to amplify your workout. 

Kettlebells are available in a variety of weights and are the perfect for those just starting out with a kettlebell routine, exercisers looking for a lighter weight, and experienced fitness enthusiasts who need something more challenging. Marcy’s selection of durable, rust-resistant, and eco-friendly kettlebell weights are a perfect addition to your home gym.

What are the Benefits of Kettlbells?

Functional Training

The benefits of training with kettlebells are numerous, but most notably using kettlebell weights enhances what is known as ‘functional training.’ Functional training refers to the kind of training that helps you improve your everyday life by letting your body get better at the types of movements you need to perform daily tasks. Aside from helping you build functional strength, kettlebell weights blast fat with their unique ability to combine cardio and strength training. A full-body kettlebell workout effectively targets the core, developing critical strength required to stabilize the body. They can also help you tone your arms, back, chest, and legs.

Cardio and Strength Training

Typically, exercisers must use different equipment for the cardio portion and strength-training portion of their workouts. This may not be a big deal at the gym, but if you wish to build your home gym, you may not have the space or money to invest in an array of different equipment.

The beauty of a kettlebell is that it can give you a cardio and strength-training workout. Kettlebell swings are an excellent cardio workout that also help you tone your glutes, lower back, mid-back, upper back, and shoulders. You can also use a kettlebell to perform strict strength-training exercises as discussed in more detail below.

The compound nature of kettlebell movements not only work the total body, but also increase tendons and ligament strength, so kettlebells won’t bulk you up.

Stability and Balance

Due to its off-centered weight, a kettlebell requires the use of more stabilizing muscles than a dumbbell or barbell. Not only will you be able to activate these crucial muscles, but the extra effort requires increased metabolic activity which translates into greater fat-burning results, both during the exercise as well as throughout the day.

The kettlebell’s odd shape and compact weight will also help you work on your balance as you perform cardio and strength-training exercises. This can be a great benefit for older exercisers or those performing physical therapy after injuries.

Saves Space and Money

Finally, a kettlebell set might be the perfect addition to your home gym, because they are incredibly affordable and don’t take up much space. If you want to build a home gym on a budget, a kettlebell offers you cardio and strength training in a single package at an affordable cost.

Kettlebells are also ideal if you don’t have much room for bigger or bulkier equipment. Use your kettlebell to get a great workout and then tuck it away in a closet or on a shelf, and you’ll never know it’s there.



What are the Best Kettlebells for your Home Gym

From adjustable kettlebells to kettlebells made from soft materials, Marcy offers a wide selection of kettlebells for sale. Now that you know all the benefits of using kettlebell weights, let’s explore some of Marcy’s best kettlebells for sale!

Apex Adjustable Kettlebell (APKB-5009)

The versatility of the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell makes this free weight an Ideal piece of equipment for multiple exercises. Constructed of heavy-duty cast iron that’s built for durability, the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell comes complete with a 15lbs handle, 5lb bottom plate and 4 removable spacer disks. Add separate 2.5lb5lb, or 10lb standard weights plates and customize the kettlebell to your specific weight needs.

The beauty of this adjustable kettlebell is that you can easily and conveniently change the weights depending on your exercise and workout goals. Instead of investing in a full kettlebell set, you can get the benefit of multiple kettlebells in one!

Hammertone Kettlebells

Available in weights 10, 15, 20, 35, 45 and 55 pounds, Marcy’s Hammertone Kettlebells are constructed from recycled materials in a traditional kettlebell design. An eco-friendly kettlebell, Marcy Hammertone Kettlebells are built to stand up to daily use. With features including a powder-coated and rust-resistant cast-iron finish, these kettlebell weights are precisely cast to the specified weight and are your perfect kettlebell workout companion for a variety of exercises including squats, swings, presses, single arm row, figure-8s, windmills, and more.

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebells


Constructed from soft materials, which reduces the chance of injury and/or damage to the floor when dropped; Bionic Body Soft Kettlebells are a safer alternative to traditional cast iron kettlebells. Designed with a large and stable handle with a comfortable grip, this kettlebell not only offers a fat blasting workout but also a fun and effective way to customize your exercise routine to meet your fitness goals. Soft kettlebells are an ideal option for new exercisers who may feel nervous about using a traditional kettlebell.

Integrating a Kettlebell into your Workout

Now that you know a kettlebell set is a great addition to your home gym, how do you actually use them to get fit and burn fat? The truth is that you can use kettlebells in a variety of different ways.

One of the most popular ways to use a kettlebell is to perform kettlebell swings. This involves holding the handle of the kettlebell with both hands. Start with the kettlebell hanging between your legs and use your hips and glutes to thrust forward. Now your arms come into play as you swing the kettlebell up to either the level of your face or above your head. Keep your body tight as the kettlebell comes down and stay in control. Don’t let the weight of the kettlebell drag you down. When the kettlebell returns to its original position, repeat the swing again. Kettlebell swings may feel a little awkward at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of it and start to enjoy the challenge!

Three sets of 20 kettlebell swings at a challenging weight will give you an excellent cardio workout that also tones your glutes, low back, shoulders, and upper back muscles. Make sure you keep breathing throughout each set!

You can also use your kettlebell for a variety of strength straining exercises. Hold the kettlebell to your chest and perform weighted air squats. You can also hold two light kettlebells overhead and perform weight lunges or overhead squats. Both of these movements will light up your lower body while also burning your shoulders and challenging your balance. The bulky, uneven weight of the kettlebell makes these movements extra hard and activate your core and stabilizer muscles to keep you balanced!

Finally, work your chest and upper body with kettlebell presses and your grip with a “farmer’s carry.” By simply holding a kettlebell in each hand by your side and taking a short stroll around the block, you’ll soon feel your forearms and shoulders burning. This is excellent training to improve other grip-intensive exercises, like pullups and rope climbs.

Marcy offers a Wide Variety of Kettlebells for Sale

You can find the kettlebell weight or kettlebell set you need, right here at Marcy. We also offer a wide variety of weight training equipment to meet your fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to increase strength, bulk and tone, or improve your cardio fitness, Marcy can provide home gym equipment, so you can reach your goals. 

Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s incredible line of high quality and reasonably priced home gym and strength training equipment!