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Bionic Body Exercise Benefits

Celebrity fitness trainer Kim Lyons, who has appeared on TV shows like The Biggest Loser and Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, has put all of her fitness expertise into the design of this line of health and workout products. The Bionic Body gear line provides a versatile and effective means of working out at home. Athletes can choose from a Bionic Body exercise bar, Bionic Body bands, resistance tubes, soft kettlebells, door anchors, medicine balls, and other options in this line of products.

Some of the benefits of the Bionic Body line include:

  • Total body trainingThe various products in this fitness line successfully target every part of the body. Bionic Body resistance bands, for example, allow you to strengthen and tone specific muscle groups based on where you place and how you pull the bands.
  • Resistance training without the clutterBionic Body gear was designed with portability in mind, making most Bionic Body products perfect for exercising both at home and when traveling. The Bionic Body exercise bar, bands, and other materials are small enough to pack for a trip. When using them at home, the small size makes the equipment easy to store. 
  • Strength and Cardio Training at HomeWorking on so many shows allowed Lyons to focus on designing high-quality products with commercial appeal. Bionic Body bands and other gear match up with exercises Lyons had her trainees do on TV!

  • Equipment for Every Type of ExerciserWhether you are brand new to the exercise game or want to increase your fitness by building out an excellent home gym,Bionic Body products can fit your needs. Most Bionic Body gear comes in different weights and levels of resistance for exercisers at any point in their fitness journey.

Best Features of Bionic Body Products for Home Use

Marcy has beginner, intermediate, and advanced Bionic Body gear, all of which give unique benefits for certain types of workouts.

  • Versatile Starter KitThe Training Kit with Bionic Body Exercise Bar is the perfect starting point for beginners. This kit includes the Bionic Body exercise bar, resistance tube, and carabiner, which provide many different workout options. You can set up, work out, and disassemble without any additional tools, making this kit easy to use at home or while traveling.
  • Easy on the JointsBionic Body bands provide a high level of resistance during workouts, while also reducing the stress on joints that other types of exercises can cause. The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit is a popular choice, offering three bands with varying levels of resistance, making them appropriate for those at a beginning or intermediate workout level.
  • Soft Kettlebells for Safety: The Bionic Body Soft Kettlebells consist of soft materials and an easy-grip handle that make them safer to use than traditional cast-iron kettlebells. Weight options include 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 pounds.

  • Muscle Tension ReliefLyons wanted to ensure the Bionic Body line had options to provide optimal workout recovery. The Rechargeable Vibrating Recovery Foam Roller Massager delivers six vibrating speeds for sore muscle relief with a remote control for convenience. The Bionic Body Massage Ball is another excellent choice that allows you to move in all planes of motion so you can hit every sore spot after your workout. 

  • Build Your Home Gym as You Go: Not everyone has the funds to buy an entire home gym all at once. The Bionic Body line allows you to slowly build your home gym one piece of affordable equipment at a time. Whether you begin with the starter kit, a medicine ball, or a single Bionic Body resistance band, you can begin working out right away. As your needs change, add new equipment to diversify your workouts and give yourself new challenges.

Improve Your Cardio with Bionic Body Gear

Looking to incinerate calories, increase your heart health, and shed some pounds? The Bionic Body collection can help you get in your cardio workout even if you don’t have the space for a traditional treadmill or elliptical trainer at home.

The Bionic Body Compact Elliptical Trainer can fit in almost any room or even slide inconspicuously under your desk at work. You can use it standing up or sitting down. You can even reverse your position and use it as a stepper for a different kind of challenging workout.

Other great cardio tools include the Bionic Body medicine balls, soft kettlebells, and especially the Bionic Body Plyobox. Use the plyobox to perform step-ups or even box jumps for intermediate and advanced athletes. Box jumps not only get your heart beating, but they also allow you to work on explosive, plyometric movements.

Bionic Body Weight Training

The beauty of the Bionic Body suite of products is that it can give you almost any type of workout that you want. Interested in Bionic Body weight training? The same soft kettlebell that you used for your cardio workout yesterday can now be used to perform weighted squats and lunges.

You don’t even need weights to get all the muscle-building benefits of weight training. Bionic Body resistance bands can help you increase your strength and build muscles to get the toned look you’ve always wanted. Bionic Body resistance bands offer between 20 and 150 pounds of resistance! The Bionic Body exercise bar combined with Bionic Body resistance tubes is also an excellent way to perform common and effective weight training movements, like back squats, front squats, push presses, and more.

You can even combine a little bit of weight training and cardio by using the Bionic Body Weighted Vest or the Bionic Body Shoulder Bag. You’ll burn more calories in a shorter amount of time by strapping on a 15-pound weight vest before your run or walk. You can also perform squats, lunges, pushups, or pullups using the weight vest to increase the challenge of your bodyweight workouts. 

No matter what kind of workout regimen you want to perform, Bionic Body products are ready to help you have more success. Should you have any questions regarding Bionic Body gear, please contact us at Marcy Today!