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Foldable Bikes

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Folding Exercise Bikes (Upright Bikes)

If you love the idea of exercising at home, but space is at a premium, invest in a folding exercise bike from Marcy. These sleek and functional exercise bikes will allow you to get a great cardio workout, and easily let you just fold them up and tuck them away when you’re done.

Our fold up exercise bikes give you convenience and utility without taking anything away from your workout! The folding mechanism is almost as easy as flipping a switch and squeezing the frame.

It's Time to Get Fit with a Foldable Exercise Bike

You may not have time to hit the gym, and Mother Nature doesn’t always make it easy to bike outside. That’s why a folding exercise bike is a great investment. These exercise bikes give you the cardio workout you need to stay fit and healthy without taking up a lot of extra space in your home.

Biking is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness, improve your stamina, and define your legs and glutes. Biking is also ideal for exercisers who want to protect their joints and those looking to recover after an injury that makes it difficult to run or do full-body exercises.

What is the Best Upright Bike for your Home?

Our foldable bikes meet our very high standards of quality. You can expect heavy duty construction in all of our bikes. Each of our folding exercise bikes also features an easy-to-use screen interface and the ability to adjust the resistance level.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or plan to win the Tour de France, our bike can give you a great workout every time.

Save Space

One of the best benefits of our foldable bikes is that they fold! This lets you save space in your home gym or turn any corner of the house into your private exercise space.

Workout on your bike in the garage and then fold up the bike when you are done. Keep it in the guest room and tuck it in the closet when you have company. All our bikes can be easily moved, making it a great investment no matter your space limitations.

Choosing the Best Folding Exercise Bike

At Marcy, we offer you a variety of great foldable exercise bikes to choose from. Our Marcy NS-653 comes with a comfortable high-profile seat with a backseat and side handlebars, so you can switch your grip during a long workout.

The NS-653 also includes an easy-to-read LCD display that tracks your ride. Getting your heart rate up is great for burning calories, but the best way to make progress is by tracking your progress with the LCD display.

The transport wheels make it easy to move the bike to any room of the house. While the cushioned seat makes sure you stay comfortable on your long rides. 

The Marcy NS-654 is another great foldable bike option. This sleek, black bike includes counterweighted pedals and eight pre-set levels of resistance. You can vary your workout and challenge yourself as your stamina and leg muscles improve. The NS-654 also comes with transport wheels that allow you to bike whenever and wherever you please!

Take a look at all of our Marcy foldable stationary bikes. These bikes are proof that you don’t need a ton of space to get a great workout!

Need a bike with a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds? Check out our recumbent exercise bike ME-706, the most comprehensive recumbent bike we carry!