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Exercise Bikes

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Stationary bikes are a great option for a home cardio workout. Like the elliptical machine, a stationary bike gives you a low impact, safe workout that is easy on the joints. This type of exercise tends to be better for older adults or for someone who is recovering from an injury.

Though the stationary bike is primarily a cardio machine, it does help to tone your muscles, especially the muscles in your calves and thighs. You can also target your abs by contracting your stomach muscles and holding them tight while cycling, or your glutes via standing up on the pedals while cycling.

Exercise Bikes for Home

There are different types of stationary bikes that you can consider:

  • Recumbent bikes: These types of bikes have a more chair-like seat with a back support, making it more comfortable. These seats are closer to the ground, which helps to minimize strain on your legs or back, but may keep you from getting as intense of a workout.
  • Fan bikes: Fan bikes are similar to traditional training exercise bikes, but the resistance is fan-powered. The faster you pedal, the faster the fan spins, which increases resistance. When you slow down, the fan also slows down, which lightens the resistance experienced when pedaling. These exercise bikes offer an intense and effective cardio workout.
  • Upright bikes: These types of bikes are similar to a traditional road bike; however, they use magnets in order to change resistance during workouts. The seats tend to be more comfortable than your average exercise bike, and you do not need to crouch forward in the same way that you would on a exercise training bike.

No matter which type of bike you choose, they usually offer varying levels of resistance or intensity, which you can adjust to your needs. This helps to increase versatility throughout your workout and keeps your muscles (and mind!) from becoming bored or used to the workout.

Why Choose Marcy?

Marcy has a wide range of stationary bikes that are economical and loaded with extra accessories to make exercising much easier and more effective. Every bike comes with:

- High density foam padded seats to make riding easier and more comfortable for longer periods of time
- Cushioned handle bars for a comfortable and secure grip
- Secure straps on the pedals for your safety
- Adjustable seat that can be set for each user

Whether you need an exercise bike to help you recover from an injury or are a serious cyclist looking to move your workout indoors, Marcy has something for you. Contact us today to learn more about Marcy’s variety of bikes and to select the best option for your needs!