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Life is hectic and you don’t always have time to hit the gym for a workout. However, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your fitness goals! A mini exercise bike is one of the simplest, most convenient, and effective exercise options available. Use it to burn calories, tone your legs or arms, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. (Mini Exercise bikes are also known as mini bikes, exercise peddlers, pedal exercisers, and more.)

How a Mini-Cycle Works

A mini exercise cycle takes the concept of a traditional exercise bike and then shrinks it down to a portable proportion. Sit in a chair, put your feet onto the pedals, and make a pedal motion with the mini-cycle providing resistance. That’s all it takes to burn calories and tone your legs.

But there’s more! A mini exercise cycle isn’t just for your legs. Place the machine on a table or desktop and start pedaling with your hands to activate your chest, shoulders, and back muscles. These “desk peddlers” can give you an upper and lower body workout!

Our mini cycles also allow you to adjust the resistance, so you can always control the difficulty of your workout.

Get your Workout in - Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of a mini cardio cycle is its small size means you can take it anywhere. Move it around your home. You can use the foot or hand pedals while watching television, helping your kids with their homework, or catching up on some work in your home office.

Speaking of the office, you can use your mini cycle there as well! No one will see a Marcy cardio mini cycle under your desk. You can get in a workout even when the boss makes you stay late!

The mini cycle’s small size also means you can stash it in a closet or a place out of the way when you aren’t using it. If you don’t have room in your home for a stationary bike or other piece of large exercise equipment, a mini exercise bike can be an excellent alternative!

What is the Best Exercise Cycle for you?

At Marcy, we offer multiple heavy duty mini exercise cycle options for your consideration. All of our mini cycles meet our high-quality standards and will provide you with an endless opportunity of satisfying arm and leg exercise - Whether you’re at home, at the office, or on the road!

One of our customer favorites is the Marcy NS-914. This affordable mini cardio cycle is conveniently foldable, making it easy to move between locations or tuck out of the way after use. You’ll also enjoy its easy-to-read display monitor, which tracks count, total count, calories burned, distance, and time.

For those who want nothing but the best, our Marcy NS-9200 is an excellent option. This mini exercise cycle uses magnetic resistance to give you smooth pedaling. The NS-9200 also includes a secure grip for your hands and straps to keep your feet secured to the pedals. The readable display tells you your total reps, calories burned and includes a scan mode and timer.

Take a look at all of our mini exercise bikes and give yourself the gift of a great workout anywhere! At Marcy, we also offer a wide array of excellent cardio equipment, including full stationary bikes.