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  • Varied size plates for the 110 lbs. Olympic Weight Set by Marcy will complete your home gym 110 lbs. Olympic Weight Set by Marcy will complete your home gym

    110lb Olympic Weight Set | MCW-110


    The Best Weight Set - 110lb Olympic Weight Set by Marcy This perfect weight set for performing a variety of classic weight lifting exercises. Use the included grip weights with or without the Olympic bar to add variety to your workout...

line-divider-graphic.jpgWeights for your Home Gym

A home gym isn’t complete without a set of weights. While cardio training has many benefits for the body, building muscle through a regular strength or weight-training regimen is also incredibly important. Just a few of the many benefits of strength training include:

- Helps to support healthy and strong bones
- Increases your metabolism to help you lose weight
- Building muscles to improve your strength
- Improves balance

Best Weights for Your Home Gym


Dumbbells are a great option for both beginners and advanced weight lifters, since they can be used to learn your form for various exercises. Whether using them independently or sitting on a bench, you have a few different choices when selecting a set of dumbbells:

Hex Dumbbells: Each dumbbell is a specific weight. While these may be the easiest to use (no adjusting the weight or running out of space on the dumbbell bar), they do require a bit of an investment. You’ll need several different weights so you can select the correct one for the exercise you are performing. The weight you are able to lift will also increase as you become stronger.

Spin Lock Dumbbells: Spin lock dumbbells contain a bar that allows you to add weight plates and keep them in place with a spin lock device. Spin lock dumbbells are a great option for people who lift lighter weights because you are somewhat limited by the amount of weight you can fit onto the bar.

Adjustable Kettlebell: Kettlebells are large, heavy spheres with a handle attached at the top. They come in varying sizes and weights, and are a great option for a complete full body workout. The Apex Adjustable Kettlebell is a great option for someone who is new to kettlebells. You can start with an easy 20 lb. bell and add on weights to work your way up to 50 lbs. This not only saves you the space needed to store multiple kettlebells, but it’s extremely budget friendly because you don’t need to purchase the individual kettlebells to cover the weight range provided by the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell.


Barbells have many of the same benefits and uses as a set of dumbbells, but barbells allow you to lift heavier due to their design. Like our Olympic dumbbell and curl bar set, you’ll need to purchase additional weight plates to use, as well as additional equipment, such as a weight bench or rack to perform other exercises.

If you would like to start out with a new Olympic weight set, consider the 110-lb Olympic Weight Set MCW-110. It contains everything you need, including a 30 lb. bar, an assortment of grip plates and two clip collars.

Other Options

In addition to barbells and dumbbells, there are a few other options for weight training. Weight vests are worn on the chest when performing body weight or other types of exercises to increase the intensity and difficulty of an exercise.

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