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Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit | BBKT-090

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The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit includes three different resistance bands to optimize your workout

Looking for a way to stay in shape without having to go to the gym? The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit is perfect for you!

The Bionic Body 6-Piece Resistance Training Kit is the way to go. It includes three resistance tubes, one door anchor, two single handles, and one ankle or arm strap. You can achieve a variety of exercises and challenge all parts of your body to create your own custom exercise routine with the Bionic Body line of Resistance Tubes by simply changing your body's and tube's position.

These double-coated tube provides consistent resistance through every step of your exercise routine. The heavy-duty anti-snap latex is made to keep pace with your exercise routine no matter the intensity. With its compact size these tubes are travel-friendly so you can work out wherever you go.

An important accessory for any cable-based exercise routine, the Bionic Body Door Anchor is the perfect way to safely attach your bands to the top or sides of any standard door frame (Do not use the bottom of the door frame.) The anchor is encased in a heavy-duty durable nylon material to protect your door from abrasions and markings so you can concentrate on your workout. Customize your training routine by attaching it to the door for a wide variety of different exercises.

The Bionic Body pair of Single Grip Handles offers a great way to take your exercise routine wherever you go. With its ergonomically designed grip and heavy-duty nylon, these comfortable but durable handles will keep pace with all levels of intensity in your training. Includes a pair of handles and carabineers for quick and easy changes so you don't lose vital downtime during workouts. Looking to tone leg muscles for a more defined look?

The Bionic Body Ankle/Wrist Strap is the cost-effective way to add leg workouts to your existing Bionic Resistance Bands. Specially designed as a swappable add-on, this fully adjustable strap provides a total lower body workout every time. Add resistance to your daily workout and start building leaner muscles wherever you are with the Bionic Body 6-Piece Resistance Training Kit.


The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit includes three different resistance bands to optimize your workout

Three Bionic Body Resistance Bands

Three resistance bands with 20lb, 30lb and 40lb resistance levels allow you to customize your home workouts and challenge yourself as you progress. 


The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit includes two Single Grip Handles to vary your workout

Two Bionic Body Single-Grip Handles

Tone and strengthen your upper body with the help of two single-grip handles designed for maximum durability and comfort.


The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit  includes a door anchor that is small and essential

Bionic Body Door Anchor

A sturdy door anchor allows you to perform resistance band exercises safely and effectively in virtually any room. 


The Bionic Body Resistance Band Kit includes a wrist strap to tone your arms and legs

Bionic Body Ankle and Wrist Strap

A comfortable strap allows you to incorporate more arm and leg based workouts to ensure a full body workout. 


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