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Hers 30lb Kettlebell Weight Set | VKBS-30 - Retired

Retired (No Longer Available)
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Retired (No Longer Available)
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For ladies who want to stay in shape, the Hers 30lb Pro Weight Kettle Bell Set is a companion on the road to a better body.

Specially designed for the active woman, these weights are ideal for circuit training and home exercise. They’re great for everyday use by both beginners and hardcore fitness enthusiasts.

These kettlebells come in an extra-large size for better handling. The vinyl coating offers a solid grip that won’t slip even when it’s wet with sweat, unlike traditional steel weights that are prone to rust and slippage. The set includes three weights: 5, 10, and 15 lbs. They provide different levels of difficulty and intensity, letting you customize your workout regimen.

Kettlebells have a versatile design and can target all the major muscle groups through different exercises. Perform squats, rows, lifts, swings, and more without the need for bulky and complicated machinery. Get the body you’ve always wanted with the help of the Hers Pro Weighted Kettle Bell Set for Women! Easy to use but highly effective in strengthening your body, these kettlebells are great for active women who are interested in sculpting their bodies. Begin exercising for better health today!

  • Specially Designed for Women – These kettlebells are sized just right and are well-balanced  for active women who want to tone up. 

  • 3 Different Weights – Vary your workouts with this kettlebell set. It comes with three weights – 5, 10, and 15lb – making it ideal for easy to challenging workouts

  • Target Major Muscle Groups – Kettlebells can be used in many ways to strengthen different parts of the body. You can perform rows, dips, swings, & lifts to increase the muscle mass of the arms & sculpt your abs. Workout your lower body by doing lunges and squats while holding the weighted bells.

  • Vinyl – Each kettlebell is covered with a smooth, matte vinyl plastic that protects it from moisture. It also gives you a solid grip even when the kettlebell is wet.

  • Great for Circuit Training – These weights are excellent for use in circuit training, which focuses on strengthening the core and abs. 


Hers 30 Lbs Kettlebell Weight Set VKBS-30 in use

Large Handles

Comfortable grip that can be held with one or two hands.


Hers 30 Lbs Kettlebell Weight Set VKBS-30 has a durable vinyl finish

Impact Resistant

Vinyl outer casing with three unique and attractive colors. 


Hers 30 Lbs Kettlebell Weight Set VKBS-30 comes in different colors

Weight Set

Includes 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb single kettle weights. 


This product is not intended for commercial use.

*Please Note: currently ships only within the contiguous United States (we do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, military bases, or U.S. Territories / Possessions.)