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Steelbody Power Tower + Foldable Bench | STB-98502 - Retired

Retired (No Longer Available)
Retired (No Longer Available)
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Get ready to pump some iron with the Steelbody Power Tower with built-in Fold-Up Bench!

Keeping yourself in great shape can be done right in the comfort of your own very home. You don’t need lots of expensive machines to get fit. Keep things simple with exercise equipment that deliver.

Featuring heavy duty steel construction, this tower has a maximum weight capacity of 300lb. It can withstand the strain of your bodyweight on its metal parts without breaking or bending. Great for full body workouts, this tower has sections wherein you can target specific muscle groups. Dip handles are great for targeting the triceps and building your core.

The handles can also be removed for a personalized exercise, as you can set the desired height or remove it when you want to perform another kind of exercise. The bottom of the tower has handles which can be used for push-ups; a classic workout that improves arm strength and hardens the chest. Located on the top is a pull-up bar that can be affixed with foam bands. All handles and bars are equipped with deluxe 2 inch thick vinyl handles that offer excellent grip even when wet with sweat.

The built-in folding bench lets you light heavy weights such as barbells and bars while seated down or on your back. Perform heavy bench presses safely without leaving home. The bench can also be raised up, to allow full access to the Power Tower and for easy storage.

Begin your journey to healthier body with the Power Tower and Fold-Up Bench from Steelbody. Great for users of all-ages and fitness levels, it can be easy installed right at home. Get your very own today, and work your way to the figure you’ve always wanted!

  • Heavy Duty Constrution – This fitness equipment features an all-steel construction that can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Versatile Workout Machine – Give your entire body a workout with just one machine: Perform dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, push-ups and much more
  • Fold-Up Bench – The Power Tower houses a built-in bench that adds a whole new dimension to your home workouts
  • Ideal for Home Use – The Power Tower is designed to fit inside your home without taking up too much space
  • Ergonomic Design – The heavy duty steel material is highly durable & shaped in a way that allows you full freedom of movement while performing your exercises

  • Assembled Dimensions: 67"L x 42.5"W 84.5"H

  • Please note: This item requires assembly

The Steelbody STB-98502 Power Tower with Foldable Bench includes dip bars

Dip bars

The dip bars are removable allowing you to set them at various heights for different types of exercises.


The Steelbody STB-98502 Power Tower with Foldable Bench includes pull up bars

Multi-grip pull-up bar

For overall development of the back and core, multi-grip pull-up bars are the way to go.


The Steelbody STB-98502 Power Tower with Foldable Bench includes push up bars to deliver a full body workout

Push-up bars

The push-up bars are equipped with thick vinyl handles for excellent grip and comfort. They also allow you to build optimal strength in the chest, shoulders, and forearms.


The Steelbody STB-98502 Power Tower with Foldable Bench has a bench that folds to save space

Foldable bench

The easy fold-up bench allows you to lift barbells and bars either seated down or on your back. It can be raised up for easy storage.


The Steelbody STB-98502 Power Tower with Foldable Bench includes a handle for easy transport


The fold-up handle allows the bench to be raised up providing access to the power tower or lowered down for weightlifting and other exercises.


The Steelbody STB-98502 Power Tower with Foldable Bench has an adjustable seat to fit any workout

Slide track adjustment

The slide track adjustment allows you to secure the foldable bench to any position, easily and rapidly.


This product is not intended for commercial use.

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