Steelbody T-Rack | STB-98001 - Retired

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Retired (No Longer Available)

T-Rack with Weight Catch, Pull-up Bar, and More by SteelBody - Retired

Get a complete body workout with the STB-98001 Steelbody cross fit-style T-Rack.

Built specifically in mind for intense workouts, its heavy duty solid structure allows for multiple user access. Perfect for total body strengthening and conditioning, this T-Rack provides numerous training methods. And because time is of the essence, the STB-98001 is easy to assemble and maintenance-free. Accessories include a large timer and whiteboard so you can monitor your workout.

  • Heavy duty solid structure
  • Multiple user access
  • Total body strengthening and conditioning
  • Provides numerous training methods
  • Provides numerous training workouts
  • Timer and whiteboard for workout monitoring

The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001 includes spaced bars for varied pull ups

Multi-Grip Pullup Bar

The multi-grip pullup bar allows you to pinpoint different muscle groups by offering narrow and wide grip bars.


The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001 includes dip bars

Dip Bars

The STB-98001 comes with dip bars to offer an even wider array of exercises than most T-Racks.


The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001 includes a roller to stabilize your high intensity workout

Sit-Up Cushion

Your core should feel the burn, but your head should not. This sit-up cushion helps you focus on the burn, not the pain.


The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001  includes sturdy bar catches

Weight Catch

The weight catch is adjustable at various heights to suit your needs.


The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001 includes a timer to easily track your workouts

Timer and Whiteboard

The STB-98001 is optimized for convenience and efficiency. The whiteboard and timer allow you to focus on besting your last workout.


The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001 includes a storage space for weights

Storage Rack

The Storage rack provides an ample amount of space for you to keep all of your current and future weights.


The Steelbody T-Rack STB-98001 includes hooks for convenient storage

Storage Hooks

Storage hooks allow for your to keep additional items within arms reach during your workout.


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